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Prototype testing of the next-generation supercar officially began yesterday as the Gen3 Mustang completed a shakedown at the Ipswitch circuit...

Live data from the car produced by Ford’s official team Dick Johnson Racing was sent to the technical and motorsports staff of Supercars, which is currently based in Sydney Motorsports Park.

DJR enduro driver Alex Davison grabbed the handlebars of his virgin voyage.

The test was done in a closed room and the details, including the image, are very thin on the ground.

However, this week’s Castrol Motorsport News podcast revealed that the Mustang is equipped with a paddle shift as part of the evaluation of the gear selection system.

It goes against previous plans Mustang first performing a stick shift while the Camaro is equipped with a paddle..

However, it was always planned that both cars would test both systems. Transition to category assist gear shift..

Paddles have been a controversial topic on Gen3’s journey so far, and the majority of drivers are against the move...

Fans are similarly negative, but they continue to push to the paddles for cost savings.

The idea is that the AGS and autoblip in combination with the paddles help protect the engine and gearbox from over-rotation.

In current manual sequential shifts, drivers often deliberately help overrev and turn the car.

There was real momentum around the paddle movement a few months ago, but sOurces has recently shown that its potential has dropped significantly..

However, there is still no hard and quick confirmation with either method, except for the transition to electronic shifts, which can be done with either paddles or sticks.

Motorsport supercars head Adrian Burgess confirmed just as much behind the first trial of the paddle yesterday.

“As previously reported, the plan was always to try both paddle shifts and stick shifts during the testing phase,” Burgess said in a statement provided to

“It has not yet been decided what to use when the Gen3 race begins in 2023.”

The Mustang shakedown will then be added in a week that is important to Gen3 development. Supercars offered both Mustang and Camaro sneak peaks..

The footage released by the Supercars shows a car that looks a lot like a car on the road, especially when compared to the current Mustang.

But beyond that, neither had aero-specific bodywork, so we rarely talked about the final look of the car.

Both cars will be unveiled at Bassert early next month.

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Paddle shift for Supercars Gen3 Mustang prototype Paddle shift for Supercars Gen3 Mustang prototype

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