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This category is investigating the transition from traditional sequential stick shifts to paddles as part of next-generation vehicles. It features an electronically assisted shift..

The plan was to sample both the stick shift and the paddle with two prototypes. The Mustang is made of sticks and the Camaro is made of paddles..

However, sources at show that the category is preparing to change hands in terms of ownership, reducing the likelihood that paddles will be used in race cars.

It looks like TGI Sport / TLA / ARG, Set to buy a supercar from Archer Capital, I’m in favor of keeping the stick operation shift.

If so, it will be a popular move for both fans and drivers, with little paddle support in recent months.

Scott McLaughlin, who won the Supercars three times last week Listened to the fans and urged the category to drop paddle ideas..

Drivers, on the other hand, are concerned that the paddle will make it easier to drive and mitigate the effects of desperate in-vehicle vision.

The latter issue is further affected by plans to remove other in-vehicle controls such as anti-roll bar adjustments.

Earlier this week, supercars announced that plans to introduce Gen3 were abolished mid-season. The new car will start racing in the first round of 2023..

The prototype will be unveiled at Bassert in December this year and will be featured in most rounds during next year’s development.

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Paddle shift movements are unlikely to occur in supercars Paddle shift movements are unlikely to occur in supercars

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