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When the green flag fell on Sunday 105thTh During the Indianapolis 500 run, Team Penske cuts down on the right show on the track from which the team’s name came from, but that hinders their confidence in getting the job done on race day. not.

Four Team Penske entries struggled in qualifying, with rookie Scott McLaughlin leading four car stable stables with 17 cars.Th The start of the place.Josef Newgarden rolls off at 21st, Followed by 2019 Indianapolis 500 winner Simon PagenaudThWill power starting from inside the last line of, and 31st..

Despite the struggles in qualifying, the team claims they will join the mix when it becomes important during the race.

“I’m definitely disappointed that the speed of qualifying wasn’t there, and I’m still trying to figure out why,” Pagenaud said. “We switched the car to a racing package and she was as confident as in 2019 because she was beautiful. We don’t start from the pole so we have to race differently. Hopefully we can come back. Whether in qualifying or race pace, we are very happy with the chassis. The race mode has more pace built in so we will find a way to move forward. is needed.”

The Frenchman added that the Menard-sponsored Chevrolet race practice reminded him of the car he drove to win Indianapolis two years ago.

“The car feels the same as it did in 19 years,” he said. “Since it is a different aero package now, the drafting is also very different. If you are in the same position on the last lap, the suction power is very strong in the 2nd place and the 3rd place is considerably affected, so the 3rd place Is so difficult that you probably can’t keep the lead in the second place to run. So you have to think a lot about how to attack the last 50 laps. First of all, we It’s a completely different story for me now. I have to find a way to break through the top 10 in the first 100 laps and move forward from there.

“Of course, it gets harder and harder as you go through the field against strong cars, but we have the best pit crew in the pit lane. It’s the fastest stop since Barber, so it’s very hopeful. There is no strategy. I just have to go. “

Pagenaud’s belief that if the result of Friday’s Carb Day practice is any sign, the team will be better off with race trim as all four drivers finished their final practice before the race in the Top 7 on Sunday. Doesn’t seem to be working. Pagenaud was second, New Garden was third, Power was sixth, and McLaughlin was seventh.

Pagenaud, backed by Friday practice, is not only confident that his car will be able to compete if he is in the right position on Sunday, but also motivates the race after his son Marley was born. .. The beginning of May.

“When I first hugged my son, I’m sure all the dads here will understand. It felt like peace of mind. I’ve never felt that way in my life. I did, “he explained. “A few days later, I was motivated to make my son proud of me. I saw him grow up and his dad was a terrible rally driver and saw it. So I’m going to challenge myself further to do what I can. “

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Pagenaud confidently heads to Indianapolis 500 despite qualifying retreat – Motorsports Tribune Pagenaud confidently heads to Indianapolis 500 despite qualifying retreat – Motorsports Tribune

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