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Castroneves, who won his fourth indie victory in the first race with Jim Meyer-Michael Shank-owned organization last May, moved from part-time to full-time on the Ohio team.

This year, Jak Ali Harvey set out to replace Castroneves’ former Team Penske teammate Pagenaud. Brazilian veterans expect strong performance right out of the box, despite personnel changes.

“We are starting the championship with new people again just because last year’s part-timers couldn’t continue,” he observed.

“But Mike has the talent to find talented people. Really, really, really, really looking forward to St. Pete. When you’re ready to do that … [remember] What I did last year without any preparation. Now you can only imagine that everyone is in sync. It just gets better …

“The street course we were doing pretty well started third on Long Beach last year, but unfortunately the strategy didn’t work the way we wanted. Road course, yes, for example long I couldn’t find a sweet spot like the beach.

“But that doesn’t bother me so far. I’ve completed the process … I feel I was able to welcome Simon with the team. The team has become a great teammate and we need it. We will work together to understand that and will probably move on to the next level.

“As you know, Simon is a great talent. Very special, he understands what he likes and looks for details. When we are together, one complements the other. He is probably appropriate. You may like some things that aren’t [for me]But sometimes it really worked.

“I really like it. He works as a teammate and understands the team process. Hopefully it can be handed over to MSR. This not only helps us, me, and Simon. , Will also help promote the team. “

Hélio Castroneves, BorgWarner Trophy Modeling Meyer Shank Racing

Photo: BorgWarner’s Logan Whitton

It’s “music that reaches my ears” that admits that he won the Indy 500 four times, and he said he wouldn’t join the series if he didn’t think he could win the fifth, but Castroneves had other events. He said there was. I would like to add to his tally of 32 wins this year.

“No doubt, Bell Island is one place. This is the last time I’ve raced here,” he said of a course that will be replaced with a new layout in downtown Detroit next year. “That was the beginning of everything and the first victory at IndyCar. It will surely be a special place to come back.

“Holy. Pete is the place where I always enjoy coming because of the history we are there (three winners). It has always been great. It’s the beginning of the season … everyone is excited. Not only me but the team. We are excited. “

Castroneves said this year, “No,” the Texas Motor Speedway race, which won four times, accompanied Oliver Jarvis and Tom Blomqvist at the MSR Acura in the 12 Hours of Sebring and took on two missions that weekend. I pointed out that I would feel. ..

However, he added Mid-Ohio to the list of venues he wanted to win because he won the IndyCar in 2000 and 2001 and the IMSA prototype in 2018 and 20.

“Mid-Ohio is now becoming part of my home with Meyer Shank Racing from Ohio. It’s great to raise the flag. It’s great to go back and start over for years I won there. That’s great. “

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When asked if he expected IMSA, who won the prototype championship in 2020, to return full-time, Castroneves with a smile replied: LMDh – It’s great to be part of it, and it’s great to learn something different with those different engines.

“I want to … my hope is to do that, but unfortunately it’s not my decision.”

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Pagenaud helps take MSR to the “next level” Pagenaud helps take MSR to the “next level”

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