Paige VanZant Nude Photo Series: Learn about Created by Austin Vanderford – MMA Sports

Austin Vanderford He made a lot of turmoil in the MMA world during his fighting career, but was also some of his work on social media.

Bellator Middleweight has created a series of photos, he posted on his personal Instagram and is posing nude with his wife and fellow fighters. Paige VanZant In many creative ways. Vanderford (10-0 MMA, 4-0 BMMA) says the idea was born during a quarantine caused by a coronavirus pandemic and was meant to be spent and enjoyed.

“It depends on her and me. We post what we want to post and we don’t really care much or care about others,” Vanderford recently told MMA Junky Radio. “I especially enjoyed quarantining nude photos.

“For us, what we wanted to do was so much fun that we went with it. It wasn’t on request. One day we just came. To be honest, I’m running around the house naked. I think I was doing pull-ups and so on, and an idea came up and I did it. ”

The photos of Vanderford and VanZant follow Instagram guidelines, and we try to create creative photos that are suitable for the platform.

The followers of the Vanderford-VanZant couple seem to enjoy the content, and his family doesn’t seem to care about it. Vanderford, 30, says his family supports his online persona. This is not a surprise to them.

“Yes, our family supports us with dinner. They know we are fun people, and they know our character better than anyone,” Vander said. Ford explained. “So what might be a surprise to the outside world is not a surprise to our family, because they know us and know our true character.

“We’re just having a good time. That’s our family. We’re having a good time, so we’re having a good time, going home, staying with our family, away from the world, just I enjoy being with my family. ”

Vanderford recently fought at Bellator 251 in November. Point out Vinícius de Jesus With a unanimous decision. “Gentleman” has not yet been reserved for another match. Meanwhile, his wife, Van Zandt, Her Bare Knuckle FC debuts on February 5th.. She takes on Britain Heart. Paige VanZant Nude Photo Series: Learn about Created by Austin Vanderford

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