Paiso announces new Starfinder adventure

November 30, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Instead of being tied to the path of adventure, Paiso releases some new Star finder Next year’s stand-alone adventure. Great for joining the game when you need it. See for yourself what they entail.

From the announcement:

We’ve published Starfinder Adventures (in the form of Adventure Path Volumes) since the game’s launch three years ago, and we’re excited to announce a new line of Starfinder standalone adventures next year!

Our first product, The joy of a junker, Scheduled for July 2021. Written by starfinder developers Jason Keeley and Mishab Shager, in this first-level adventure, the player character acts as a “junk tourist” on the red planet Akiton, wealth in the crashed spaceship graveyard just outside. Find Khefak Depot Payments.

Another new adventure continues The joy of a junker In September 2021, keep the communication channel open on the Paizo blog for more details on this adventure and more on the future.

Starting June 2021, the Star Finder Adventure Pass will return to its bi-monthly schedule. Planet fall, The first volume of the horizon of the vast adventure road. Other than that, the adventure path does not change. It features the same multipart campaign and articles full of new configuration materials, new player options, and new alien creatures. Lots of fun adventure content is on your way, and we want to give people time to play them all!


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