Paradox reports show that Crusader Kings III has sales of over 1 million and quarterly sales.

Swedish publisher Paradox reported record quarterly revenue, in part, thanks to the successful launch of Crusader Kings III, Recorded over 1 million sales in a month.

According to the company’s interim report ending September 30, 2020, sales were up 75% year-on-year to SEK 494.8 million ($ 57.4 million) and operating profit was up 102% to SEK 187.7 million. It was ($ 21.7 million). Same period.

Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud explained the rise, saying “mostly” in recent quarters. Crusader Kings III, “And praised Sleekell for its positive critics and consumer acceptance, and for selling over a million units on PCs.

Ljungerud suggested that these numbers are evidence that sticking to the franchise and developing it systematically over time can lay the foundation for long-term success.

“”Crusader Kings III Like most successful games, it’s the result of repeating the game several times, “they continued. “The first game of the franchise is often unsuccessful, but instead laying the foundation for future sequels by building a player base. Brands, and knowledge to gradually develop better games.”

Paradox is preparing to launch a new strategy game for the next quarter. Empire of sin, And the project “represents a step outside our normal comfort zone with role-playing elements and 1920s gangster themes.”

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