Parents lied about a 6-year-old war zone ban for viral video

Alex Calvin, Tuesday, December 15, 2020 14:23 GMT

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There seems to be more in the story of young people Call of Duty: War Zone Streamers are banned from the game.

As PC Gamer discovered, the news that streamer Rowdy Rogan was launched from an Activision shooter seems to have been staged. The story was rounded last week and received a lot of coverage, but it’s actually a fake.

Only 6 years old, Rogan participated in the annual Faze5 contest. Participants from all over the world participate in various challenges to participate in FaZe in this contest. The last five players standing will join the esports organization.

Rowdy Rogan succeeded until the last 20 and was given the task of creating a viral video, as revealed in the video on his YouTube channel. In the post, his mother explained to him what a viral video was before proposing that the boy be banned as a way to get attention.

In the video, when Rowdy Rogan was included in the Call of Duty menu, the message “Account was completely banned” pops up. In fact, this was a fake message edited through a notification that he was disconnected from the server. Logan then pretends to cry in his father’s arms.

Posted on social media #FreeRogan hashtagThis caused people to pile up on the publisher Activision and blame the “ban.”

Logan’s parents said this was part of his dream of becoming part of the phase, and the mother claimed it was “fun” for the six-year-old child.

“This particular challenge was to create word-of-mouth content,” Faze boss Lee Trink said in a statement to PC Gamer.

“The finalists’ choices in these tasks and how they tackle each challenge are evaluated, as well as quantitative results. Our main goal is to be individual in our talents. The broader challenges are more symbolic of what their experience at FaZe will be, as it is to support their career vision. The judging process is not mathematical. It is more than quantitative. It’s much more qualitative. Our methodologies and processes are unique and not shared by us. “

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Parents lied about six-year-old’s Warzone ban for viral video

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