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“Park has a history of supporting terrorists,” India accuses Imran Khan at the UN General Assembly

India blamed Depending on the right of reply The Prime Minister mentioned Kashmir in a virtual speech at the UN General Assembly, stating that Islamabad has a well-established history of active support.

UNGA’s First Secretary, Sneha Dubey, said: I have abused the platform provided by the United Nations to spread false malicious propaganda to my country and to wastefully divert the world’s attention from the sad state of his country. Enjoy the free pass while the lives of ordinary people, especially those in the minority community, are upset. ”

“Member countries Has an established history and policy of retaining, supporting and actively supporting It is a country globally recognized as a country that openly supports, trains, funds and armes terrorists as a matter of national policy. It holds a negligible record of accepting the largest number of terrorists banned by the UN Security Council, “Dubey added.

She accused Pakistan of raising India’s internal affairs.

“We are against another attempt by Pakistani leaders to undermine the image of this August forum by bringing in internal problems in my country and spitting out falsehoods on the world stage. I will exercise the right of reply, “she said.

Kahn effectively addressed the UN General Assembly today and addressed the Kashmir issue during his speech.

However, arguing that Pakistan wants peace with India, Khan said that sustainable peace in South Asia depends on the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir conflict.

“India remains responsible for creating a meaningful and fostering environment for results-oriented involvement with Pakistan,” Khan’s statement read.

India’s Secretary of State Osama bin Laden talked about the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks: “A few days ago, we recorded a solemn opportunity for the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I haven’t forgotten. At the event, Osama bin Laden fled to Pakistan. Even today, Pakistani leaders praise him as a terrorist. “

“Unfortunately, I still hear Pakistani leaders trying to justify acts of terrorism today. Such terrorist defenses are unacceptable in the modern world,” Dubay added.

Regarding Pakistan’s rhetoric, which claims to be a “victim of terrorism,” “This is a country of arsonists impersonating firefighters. Pakistan raises terrorists in their backyard and expects them to only harm themselves. Neighbors. Our region, and in fact the whole world, are suffering because of their policies, while they are trying to hide the sectarian violence in their country as an act of terrorism. is.”

She also mentioned the 1971 Bangladesh Massacre. She said, “This is also the country that still holds the sneaky record in our area of ​​carrying out religious and cultural genocide against the people of Bangladesh today. That horrifying event in history. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event. Without even acknowledging, it is far less accountable. “

She also accused Pakistan of oppressing ethnic minority communities.

“Today, Pakistani minorities-Sikhs, Hindus, Christians-live in constant fear and oppression of their country-sponsored rights, which anti-Jewishism is normalized by its leadership. It is a system that is even justified, “added the first secretary. ..

“Oppositions are quarreled daily, and enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings are well documented,” she added.

Drawing similarities between India and Pakistan, she says India is a pluralist democracy and has a significant population of a minority, including the president, prime minister, attorney general, and secretary of the army, who maintain the highest positions in the country. Stated.

She also said that, unlike Pakistan, India is a country that has free media and an independent judicial body that monitors and protects our constitution.

“Pluralism is a very difficult concept for Pakistan to understand, and its constitution prohibits its minority from aiming for high-ranking national officials. What they can do is before they are ridiculed on the world stage. It’s about introspection, “Dubey added.

She further reiterated that the entire Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh has been, and will continue to be, an integral and inviolable part of India.

“This includes areas under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. We urge Pakistan to immediately withdraw all areas under the illegal occupation,” Dubay said.

She also said India wants normal relations with all its neighbors, including Pakistan.

“But Pakistan helps, including taking credible, verifiable and irreversible actions to prevent any territory under its control from being used for cross-border terrorism against India in any way. We should be serious about creating an atmosphere, “Dubey added.

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“Park has a history of supporting terrorists,” India accuses Imran Khan at the UN General Assembly “Park has a history of supporting terrorists,” India accuses Imran Khan at the UN General Assembly

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