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Parliamentarians ridicule the government’s “inconsistent” green job policy | Green Politics

The government has been accused of “inconsistent” policies regarding green jobs by the Environmental Audit Committee of Parliamentarians. The Commission said it had promised millions of pounds to the Green Job Initiative, but the minister had not yet defined what a “green job” was.

Philip Dunn, chair of the committee, said: “We welcome the announcement of investment in the green sector of the economy, but the government acknowledges that the green employment claim lacks explanation and data on how the goal will be achieved. I am. “

The Commission said it should have defined and measured what green employment was, using the UK’s Net Zero Strategy, which claims to support up to 440,000 jobs by 2030, and a detailed action delivery plan. Asked.

Cross-party institutions lack government understanding Green house grants voucher In the scheme, the contractor made the staff redundant as consumers failed to engage with the sector to develop the necessary skills and consumers were waiting for voucher confirmation.

“Our report today shows how we can fulfill the role of these green jobs,” said Dan. “In order for us to reach our environmental goals, it is important to monitor the sectors and regions where we need to work and restart career advice that clearly describes our green jobs.”

The Municipal Association called on the government to work with parliaments and businesses on a “national fiscal and policy framework for dealing with climate emergencies.”

“Green skills need to be at the forefront and central to recovery from a pandemic and help improve communities, build local government capacity and improve social mobility,” said LGA People and Place Commissioners. Kevin Bentley, the president of the association, said. “Our analysis shows that the low-carbon, renewable energy economy could increase 700,000 local green jobs by 2030 to 1.1 million by 2050.

“The council knows where and in which sector these jobs are. Now they are skilled and experienced, essential for the government to reach its Net Zero goals and” level up “the ambitions. We need a way to work with our partners to build a workforce.

“Local governments play a key role here, aligning skill supply with industry demand over the long term, enabling all residents and the wider local economy to benefit from new employment opportunities.

“By providing the right authority and funding for spending planning, we can join businesses, providers and communities to build effective and progressive routes for young people and adults, boot camps and sector-based working academies. You can make more effective use of government programs such as. “

EY’s head of tax policy, Chris Sanger, said the prime minister should use this week’s budget as an opportunity to “boost the UK’s green economy and build interests ahead of Cop26 just days away.” rice field.

“To enhance Britain’s green credentials, the Prime Minister can use his speech to expand the government’s 10-point plan and Net Zero strategy to help position Britain as a global leader and attractive investment destination. increase.”

Parliamentarians ridicule the government’s “inconsistent” green job policy | Green Politics Parliamentarians ridicule the government’s “inconsistent” green job policy | Green Politics

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