Part II Update Version 1.18.0 Patch Notes

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs: Part II Updated Now (Version 1.18.0), Patch Notes and Trailers

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The long-awaited Caves & Cliffs: Minecraft Part II Update, Also known as version 1.18.0 has been released and has patch notes. This includes increasing world height and depth, new cave generations, new cave and mountain biomes, new music tracks and more.

Below is a complete patch note of Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs: Part II Update (version 1.18.0) and Trailer:

new function:

Increasing world height and depth

  • The overworld heights and depths of the new and existing worlds have been extended to y320 and y-64, opening up more space for exploration and construction.

World blending

  • Players can now update existing worlds to include new overworld height dimensions and world generation capabilities.See us World Upgrade FAQ For more information
  • The y0 bedrock below the preserved chunks will be replaced by Deepslate and a new cave will be created beneath it.
  • Biomes and terrain generated across new and existing chunk boundaries blend seamlessly to create natural-looking environmental transitions.

New terrain and mountain generation

  • The shape and elevation of the terrain is not always determined by biomes, and new biomes such as deserts are now being placed on hills.
  • Mountains are higher than ever and can now generate up to 256 blocks high

New biomes, 3D biome generation, and biome distribution

  • Added 3D biomes – cave biomes can now be spawned beneath surface biomes
  • New cave and mountain biomes have been added, including jagged peaks, meadows, lush caves, and dripstone caves.

New cave generation

  • Added Noise Cave-The three main types of Noise Cave are the large, open cheese cave, the wide, tunneled spaghetti cave, and the narrow, winding noodle cave.
  • Added aquifers – these create area-level waters such as flooded caves and underground lakes

Ore distribution and large veins

  • Large additional veins – These long formations penetrate the cave system and contain larger deposits than the clusters normally found underground.
  • The distribution of ore has been adjusted to make up for the height of the new world

Mob spawning

  • Monsters will only spawn in total darkness.Players can use light sources to create dark areas of spawnproofs such as caves

New music

  • Added new songs by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka
  • Added a new music disc titled “other side” from Lena Raine. This is rarely seen in base corridor chests or in dungeon chests.
  • Mobile Player: To listen to new music, you need to download the updated Minecraft Original Music Pack, which is available for free from the Marketplace.

New achievements / trophies

  • Caves and Cliffs – Free Fall and Survival from the Top of the World (Build Limits) to the Bottom of the World
  • Feel like a home – ride a strider and ride an overworld lava lake.
  • Music Sounds – Bring your meadows to life with the sounds of music from the jukebox
  • Start Radar-Trade with villagers with build height limits

Please check FAQ article Details of what’s new in Caves & Cliffs: Part II!

change point:

Vanilla experiment

  • Added a new “Vanilla Experiments” experimental toggle that includes some blocks and items from The Wild Update coming in 2022
    • Goat horn
    • Skull
    • Skull vein
    • Skull catalyst
    • Skull Shreeker
    • Skull sensor
  • Be sure to back up your world before enabling experimental switching. Updated FAQ How to enable the experiment

“Old” world type

  • Removed “old” world type from world creation screen
  • Locked the old world to BaseGame Version 1.17.40
  • The existing Old World is still playable, but will not be updated with 1.18 features
  • For more information on changes in the Old World, see. FAQ article

Menu panorama

  • Added a new main menu panorama showing the beautiful cliffs of the Overworld

Android external storage

  • Due to the storage changes required by Google, players with external storage will be moved to a new location at startup.You can play even if the migration fails by closing the results window
  • External storage has been moved to a new location in preparation for Google’s new API requirements, so uninstalling Minecraft will now result in data loss unless you select the checkbox to keep the data. If you want to keep the world if you choose to reinstall Minecraft, we recommend checking this checkbox
  • For more information on changing storage, see. FAQ article

Known issues:

  • The New World generation in this release is currently incompatible with the “Create Custom Biome” experimental toggle. Expect the world in which custom biomes are generated to be potentially volatile, and that custom biomes currently exist only in the conserved regions of the world.
  • The world generation of Minecraft Overworld has changed completely with this release. This means that when playing 1.18, the old seed will no longer spawn the player in the same position. If the creator is version-locked to an older version of the game, its seed will generate a world prior to 1.18.


Performance / stability

  • Fixed some crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading certain world chunks (MCPE-138139)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when passing through the portal with a tame pet (MCPE-129738)
  • Optimized the time it takes to place vines in the overworld during world generation


  • Replaced the missing “Always Day” option in the world settings (MCPE-137790)
  • Players higher than the recommended render distance setting are now required to change to the recommended value.
  • Updated render distance default and maximum settings to improve performance, including improved video settings sliders.
  • You will now be prompted to return to the main menu when you sign in in-game
  • Realm upload and download timeout increased to 15 minutes


  • Fixed portal location when portal was moved but location was not updated (MCPE-28765)
  • The Hero of the Village effect applies to all players who helped defeat the raid when the raid is defeated, and the effect remains with the player even if they move out of the village (MCPE-53384)
  • Fixed an issue where terrain could be seen through
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s hitbox would not reset after gliding on Elytra (MCPE-109925)
  • Fixed player flight where Elytra is canceled when hit against a wall and damaged (Fixed a player’s flightMCPE-54031)


  • Mobs can now pass through trapdoors
  • Fixed an issue where mobs and entities disappeared from chunks (MCPE-144208)
  • Mobs can no longer go through the campfire (MCPE-142054)
  • Axolotl now correctly animates when in the air (MCPE-131322)
  • Sweet Berry Bushes is Foxes (MCPE-56142, MCPE-140012)
  • Mob no longer tries to pass SweetBerry Bushes
  • Lama’s riding position no longer shifts after tame (MCPE-143006)
  • Raid mobs will now despawn after the raid ends if the player moves far away.
  • Vindicators no longer spawn naturally in Illager Patrols
  • The lightning has no shadow (MCPE-140689)
  • Fish try to avoid the axolotl
  • Magma cubes are now properly aggressive against iron golems, and slimes are no longer aggressive against snow golems (MCPE-51162)
  • The phantom should be able to free himself after getting stuck when trying to path find in the mountains (MCPE-119773)
  • Villagers will continue to follow their schedule in a world that has been ticking for a very long time, and when game time is negative ()MCPE-98361)
  • Education Edition: NPCs no longer have idle sounds (MCPE-141856)


  • Breaking blocks under fire when the’doFireTick’game rule is disabled no longer creates invisible fire blocks (MCPE-101371)
  • Players can reposition water, lava, and powder snow in a row by pressing and holding the “Place” button (“Place” button.MCPE-139671)
  • Light blocks no longer support blocks that need support (beds, paintings, etc.) (MCPE-144311)
  • Light blocks will be able to withstand TNT or creeper explosions (MCM-1417)
  • All ground vegetation can now be placed on mycelium (MCPE-125928)
  • Fixed an issue where shallow water would brighten when aiming while holding a small lip leaf (MCPE-123373)
  • Tall flowers now drop only one item when broken by water placed in the upper half of the flower (MCPE-142799)
  • The campfire does not drop just one charcoal when destroyed by a piston or explosion, but drops two units as expected (MCPE-139467)
  • Stone cutters can now create blocks of copper into four cut coppers (MCPE-144067)
  • Copper ore drops 2-5 (from 2-3) raw copper items (from 2-3)MCPE-144071)
  • Using bone meal with warped nylon can regenerate nether sprout (MCPE-139672)
  • Snowglass blocks and all types of snow blocks now use the same color (MCPE-57022)
  • Fixed an issue where leaf blocks wouldn’t remain transparent when surrounded by partial blocks such as buttons and slabs (“MCPE-139213, MCPE-53731)
  • Fixed face culling of blocks placed under leaf blocks and fixed x-ray effects


  • Adjusted the smoothness of movement when far away from Primed TNT, Lingering Potions, Splash Potions, and Bottle o’Enchanting players (MCPE-101102)
  • Fire charges are no longer consumed when used on lit candles, candle cakes, campfires, activated nether portals, or other blocks that are already lit.
  • Multiple Education Edition items no longer show the “” tooltip (MCPE-102444)
  • Ender Pearls can no longer be generated as glow sticks in Woodland Mansion chests (MCPE-137440)


  • Added missing screen reader to “Controller lost connection” prompt


  • Engraved pumpkin enchantment glint now covers only items, not entire slots
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in an old world where looking up at a minecart would show the inside of the minecart and obstruct the player’s view.
  • Rendering of such enchanted updated items is no longer visible in the Nether (MCPE-116880)
  • Fixed a visual glitch that when removing a plant from a flowerpot, the plant still renders (MCPE-143661)
  • Water drops now trigger a splash effect
  • Shield blocking animations now play smoothly (MCPE-125951)

User interface

  • Updated “Out of Storage” message more clearly when device is out of storage to save a new world
  • Raid boss bars now decrease each time a raid is damaged
  • Structural blocks can now be properly stored and loaded within the height limits of the current dimensions (MCPE-122643)
  • All configuration changes made to the new world will be carried over when you create in the new realm.
  • Renamed some of the “levels” in the user interface to the more accurate “world”
  • Store refresh prompts no longer appear if there is no internet connection or the session fails to start
  • Improved playback screen error messages when Microsoft account permissions are set to block multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where searching for non-existent content would display an incorrect “1 result” message
  • Fixed duplicate text in Marketplace offerings that occur on 4: 3 resolution screens
  • Fixed rendering of icons in text to prevent distorted colors

All Switch players can download Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs: Part II update (version 1.18.0) as of today.


Part II Update Version 1.18.0 Patch Notes

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