Participating in social media before the age of 11 is associated with problematic behavior

Researchers surveyed 773 junior high school students in the northeastern United States about the launch of social media, digital behavior, and parental restrictions on digital use.

They found it Joining social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat before the age of 11 has been significantly associated with more problematic digital technology behavior, increased potential for online harassment, and sexual harassment damage. rice field...

Some of these effects were mitigated when parents restricted their use of the phone and their children checked social media more often.

They also found it Early adolescents were more likely to engage in positive digital behavior than negative behavior, regardless of when they participated in social media...

In addition, those who participate in social media as children (under 10 years old) are an online community that is supportive or publicly involved, such as posting on social media, promoting awareness of social issues, and holding events through social media. Did you show that you are more likely to engage in your behavior? ?? Compared to those who participated later.

This can be due to being sociable at a young age to understand both the positive and negative potential of different platforms.

These findings also suggest potential strategies for supporting families with children, tweens, and teens to track social media sites that have joined an online friend network.

Next, set rules for screen usage and monitor your child’s check frequency, especially if you’re under 10 and using social media.

The research team is also working on research to determine if the age at which users participate in social media has a long-term impact on their health and well-being.

Source: Medindia

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