Pascal’s wager records 1 million sales and brings Boss Challenge mode in the next update – TouchArcade

2020 was cheap for almost everyone, but it was actually a great year. Pascal’s wager From Tipsworks Studio and Giant Games. After debuting as an exhibition title at last year’s iPhone 11 event Pascal’s wager Launched in January this year and provided goodwill.soulA “like” experience on mobile. I really enjoyed the game in the reviews. The month after the release, the developers created a roadmap for the future 2020. Pascal’s wager content. This includes a new casual mode option, a new game + mode, a paid Into the Dark Mist DLC, an additional boss battle update for the same DLC, a release on Android, and a second paid return called The Tides of Oblivion back in August. Extensions are included You can see it in the trailer below.

Well hits keep coming Pascal’s wager As of today, developers are soon announcing a new winter 2020 update for free, adding a new boss challenge mode to the game. In this mode, you can confront previously encountered bosses in the base game with time-limited encounters to brag about your rights on the Global Leaderboard. Also, Pascal’s wager Over 1 million units sold on both iOS and Android. This is truly remarkable for a premium paid title on mobile.Yes, 2020 was really rubbish in most respects, but it was definitely the year of the banner Pascal’s wager And it seems that new content will continue to appear in the future.

‘Pascal’s Wager’ Hits One Million Sales and is Bringing a Boss Challenge Mode in Next Update

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