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Toronto Raptors – Marvin Bagley and Chris Boucher (Photo courtesy of Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images)

NS Toronto Raptors The 2021-22 season is just a few games back, and Masai Ujiri may already be working on finding solutions to some of the problems. Ujiri and Bobby Webster never turn their backs on the added potential impact.

The team’s primary concerns are three-point shots, size and length, lack of wingspan, half-court attacks, and experience. The Raptors have three holdovers from the 2019 NBA title, but the roster has many new faces.

Several scenarios have been developed around the league that may help or interfere with the Raptors’ participation in the drama. If Ujiri feels very dangerous, he may decide to let go of some assets in order to raid a disgruntled star or potential deep part in the trade market. I have.

Since Toronto needs some additional size and some young athletes to add to the athletic cauldron, do they chase one of these goals?

Should the Toronto Raptors chase after these three available players?

3. Marvin Bagley III, PF, Sacramento Kings

The deal brings a 6-11 power forward to Toronto in Bagley. He was Kings’ second overall draft choice in 2018, and his time seems to be over. After three turbulent defeat seasons in California, Bagley failed to secure an extension of his rookie contract and became a free agent this summer.

If the deal is signed, without worry, Bagley will not arrive in Toronto. During the COVID-19 shortening season, Bagley was diagnosed with an undisplaced fracture of his right thumb. He was expected to miss for more than a month, but played only 13 games before the season was interrupted.

Bagley was able to play 43 out of 72 games last season amid countless rumors about his desire to stay in Sacramento and the team trying to trade him. Now the kings have not started him, and he appears to be on his way home. Bogdan Bogdanovich Sacramento also decided to sign as a restricted free agent with Atlanta after breaking his treatment.

Can Marvin Bagley help the Toronto Raptors front coat?

The Raptors will claim true big by the traditional standards of front coats. Already a little injured, he averages 14.5 points and 7.5 rebounds per game in his career. Unfortunately, he is a terrifying advocate, which may not match Toronto.

Not that his statistics are bad, but he’s averaged 14 points per game each season, so he’s not making much progress or doing any better. The Raptors were able to use his rebounds and sizes. Especially in the east, teams like Philadelphia, New York and Brooklyn all have tall bigs that give them a paint advantage.

Bagley is an interesting part of the puzzle if Toronto management feels they can pull something more out of the power forward. When he stands on the bench effectively, his conditioning and play readiness can be affected, requiring time to adapt to Nick Nurse’s head coach’s plans.

Verdict: Soft pass.

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Pass or track 3 early deals that may improve your team Pass or track 3 early deals that may improve your team

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