Passless launch trailer is appetizing one day before release

Passless is certainly a cute game with movement, and tomorrow you can play it on your PS5 or PS4. A new game from the developers behind ABZÛ puts you behind the hunter’s bow. She travels with the eagle to a dark land to regain the light. The game seems to have a sense of speed as the hunter slides across the screen and shoots an arrow at the target, with ruins and forests to explore. Some of those arrows are also directed to the self-titled “God Layer” from monsters and trailers. (I’m sure being a Godslayer is a pretty resume booster.)

The trailer introduces the details of the hunters and the battles with those monsters, along with the music of the game. The current Metacritic score is around 81 on both PS4 and PS5, but you should always do due diligence and read the reviews to make sure they meet the criteria, not the reviewers.

After watching the trailer, will The Pathless be your first PS5 game, or will you just play this on your old loyal PS4?

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The Pathless Launch Trailer Tantalizes One Day Before Release

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