Passless music pushed composer Austin Wintory harder than previous scores

Game music is an important part of the experience, and it’s nice to see more studios seeing how the game is created. The latest view is from The Pathless, where game composer Austin Wintory talks about music on the PlayStation Blog. In addition to working with ABZÛ and current The Pathless developer Giant Squid, he is also a music composer for Journey. There are many impressive games in his long resume, but how did he apply that experience to passless?

From the beginning, he talks about the challenges of writing open world games. Some other games are linear and require a more complex design if the player can choose where and when to go. “This pushed me harder than either of the previous two (and to be honest, probably longer than any score I’ve done),” he said.

The approach to designing the atmosphere of a passless world comes from combining many of the musical styles of our world. He calls the musician a “global jam band” and is inspired by “Tva, Scandinavian, China, Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Appalachia, West Africa, and Middle Eastern tips, all intermittently mixed with orchestral flavors.” Got The trailer, in that combination, offers a small sampling of a 3-hour score, and is filled with French horns and percussion with a unique instrument. Sounds good.

Passless will be available on PS4 and PS5 on November 12th. According to the official website, if you purchase the digital PS5 version, you will be able to download the PS4 version for free. The game focuses on island archers and eagles trying to get rid of the great darkness and eliminate the cursed spirits. Exploring the forests and ruins, the game looks very smooth. You can try it yourself just by waiting 8 days.

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The Pathless Music Pushed Composer Austin Wintory Harder Than Previous Scores

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