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Often, when you finish the game, you’re left with the feeling of starting to shape the story of your review. Start typing in your head. Sometimes I’m exhausted and happy that the game is over, and I’m excited about the sequels and details. Occasionally, I lose my emotions and leave it to the notes I wrote down and the memories to shape my feelings about a particular game. Passless It was a very interesting game. It’s not on my list of games of the year, but I think most viewers will find something they like about it.

Developer: Giant Squid
Price: $ 39.99
Platform: PC (Epic Games Store,) Playstation 4/5, Apple Arcade
Monster Vine comes with a PC code for review

Passless An adventure game mainly with some minor action notes. Players spend most of their time solving small puzzles or sliding around the island to lock and shoot red diamonds to speed up and play part of the player character’s energy bar. This is a weird gameplay loop, something I don’t see often, something I usually like, but I enjoyed it.I remembered that the link was rolling high rules The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time And that was relatively annoying.If the giant squid does something Passless The movement problems in the exploration game were almost solved. I say that if the energy bar simply runs for a long time or hits the boss’s enemy and comes in, the energy bar will disappear. Passless It hurts!

Another addition to the equation of motion is the baby eagle that accompanies you on your journey. This beast will sometimes be responsible, but not unintentionally. The eagle allows you to glide around the island, and once you start collecting yellow diamonds (not to be confused with red diamonds), you can get a boost from the eagle and reach higher and higher places. Unfortunately, some of the games are far from me, and I’m used to helping them, so I felt like I was playing a new game. Fortunately, I have little time to leave the eagle. Passless Does not feature many enemies. More critical and vulgar gamers Passless If there was no boss battle, it would be a derogatory term for “walking simulator”.

Seems to have three main stages Passless.. Stage 1 is to solve the puzzles around the island. You came to this island and regained the light stolen from the world and elsewhere. And then there’s the evil Godlayer who wants to rise and become taller. You know the old chestnut. As a result, Steller’s sea eagle’s four children were corrupted by the turmoil of God Slayer. (By the way, this is black. Remember that we are regaining light, and now it’s a bit wicked). So you go to the area of ​​this island, and there are strong red and black clouds that you need to purify.

These red and black clouds (hereafter referred to as chaos clouds) turned out to be very annoying. Visiting this chaotic cloud will take you to a fairly striking visual of the plains that are consumed and covered in chaos.The color is amazing PastlesThe player characters themselves were red and black, and the colors seemed to collide and stand out. Once inside, our eagle buddies are consumed by the turmoil and carried away from the player. Players must avoid the corrupt child of the big eagle that is currently plagued by the land in order to save the baby eagle. The first few times this happens are great. It was fun and exciting and provided a layer of stealth that wasn’t needed for the rest of the game. However, the chaos cloud can be moved. Clouds will soon chase you as you cross the area by collecting symbols representing the eagle cubs that live in this area to cleanse the chaotic towers. So, if you probably get a chaos cloud in the middle of the puzzle, you need to avoid the kids, save the birds, go back to the puzzle and forget what you were doing.

Interestingly, once the eagle is recovered, it cannot be used again. He is suffering from chaos, and despite returning with his best friend (you), he needs to get rid of the chaos. To do this, the player must press a button and hold his hand over the bird to remove the confusion. It’s a beautiful scene and you’ll get some warm cockles when the bird shows gratitude by biting the player character’s neck. But even that scene is a bit gridded, as its chaotic clouds are chasing you about the damn island.

If there was any progress or story expansion by going through this chaotic cloud, that’s one thing, but it has no purpose other than hindering player progress and potentially annoying them. .. I didn’t get anything from it, and it often soured my experience.

Chaotic clouds aside, you’re running around looking for puzzles to solve to collect the animal emblems that live in the area you’re purifying. The emblem rewards you for solving the puzzle, but not at the same time, you are also given a yellow diamond that increases the eagle boost when you solve the puzzle. There are two types of puzzles, emblem rewards and yellow diamond rewards. Unfortunately, once you get to the puzzle itself, there is no recognizable difference other than the fact that you can see the emblem in a mess if it is given. To find the puzzle, you’ll press a button that tickles the sense of no way. This allows you to see some things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see and you’ll see a red cloud with puzzles to solve.

This is a bit frustrating because it doesn’t matter how far you are from the puzzle itself. When I was looking for the last emblem of the Eagle kids and came across a puzzle that wasn’t rewarded with the emblem, I made a tremendous amount of boost. Tedious. I have no idea why the developers decided to do the same, and probably my old eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, with some differences, but in some cases I don’t know. Similarly, if you get too close to the puzzle, it looks like a mess that the trapped puzzle disappears. As a result, I sometimes moved around the map looking for puzzles that I saw at some point but no longer appear. Fortunately, the placement of most puzzles is so obvious that this only happened a few times.

And frankly, I loved puzzles. I found some puzzles to be beginner and boring, some to be elaborate, and some to be very fun. None of the puzzles gave me up. This fact may keep some players away, but it was a breath of fresh air for me. As the towers are wiped out of chaos, they shoot some crazy rays into the chaotic clouds, making the eagle kid vulnerable to attack and the boss fight begins.

Another side of Passless The boss battle was really fun. In the first stages of every boss battle, chaotic clouds endangered a section of land where fire pockets and eagle kids were rampaging. As soon as the player character speeds up, he runs with the eagle kid, shoots arrows at his weaknesses, hits everything and is taken to the arena. In the arena, an eagle kid attacks you with fireballs and body parts for a more traditional boss battle. In some of the boss battles, the boss even blew fire into a series of rooms that had to go through unharmed before proceeding.Because Passless There is no health bar and no life. Just be knocked down, get up and try again.

The last word
It wasn’t until after a long time in the game that I realized that the message was sent. Throughout the game you can get a glimpse of the death of the passless before you and it is very clear that you are the last passless, the last hope. Therefore, you have no choice but to fall, get up, and try again. Passless It may not be my favorite game, I noticed it was pretty wrong, but the message was clear and resonated with me. I hope the giant squid will give me some advice. Passless It’s not a bad game. I hope they dust off, get up and start over.

MonsterVine Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars – normal

The Pathless Review – Chaos Ensued

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