If you add up all the games Matt Nava has been working on, flower, Journey, Abzû, And now Passless, What do you have? My calculations are more than 13 hours of fire, water, wind, earth, birth, death, and God.It’s less time than it takes to complete Marvel Avengers.. Not bad for a career. Nava’s game (he was the first two art directors and the creative director of the other games) is united by the threat of environmental disasters, as we are all. What prevents them from getting stuck in a sermon is that they soar rather than get bored. They give us the power of movement and magic. They are immersed in mythology. They let us save the world.favorite Marvel Avengers..

To Passless, You control a lonely woman called a “hunter”. She boats through the darkness to the “island on the edge of the world” where she is said to “intersect the realm of humans and the realm of spirits.” This seems like a perfect place for her, given that she seems to belong in the middle. She has dark blue hair as if soaked in ink, and her skin is stunningly pale. She wears a veil of blood shades. It’s as if you’re trying to remind us of life and shock us and ourselves. During play, the camera is pulled back and the frame is filled with sky, trees and rocks.This same trick was used long ago God of WarThe suggestion is that our labor is involved in a legend-a legend in which the actions of a hero belong to a land-a kind of story held in high places and inherited.Nava uses it, here JourneyThe flicker in the center of the screen undoubtedly erases them, making their quest difficult on a scale.

What is that quest? “The last hunter will travel to regain the light stolen from the world,” read the subtitles. In other words, it’s one of the symbolist games, and the story (written by Steve Lerner and Kelsey Beachum) is thin, so it’s better to stitch the images together. These are black towers and beacons that burn in half the light. Rain-covered green and shattered temple grassland. These sights are often haze of speed as they pass through the surroundings with their heads facing forward, like the bow of a ship. The terrain is littered with floating diamonds. This is a surreal video game touch that is managed to keep out of fiction. When shot with your bow (simple hold and release with the correct trigger, no aiming required), they burst, fill your energy bar, and rush you with bracing licks.

Prescribe Passless For those who feel paralyzed and trapped in our days of hunger. If you feel your home is an island on the edge of the world, it’s perfect. The only company you have is Eagle, not because it’s crowded with social cheers. The eagle is good at gliding long distances, but not a conversationist, because it frees you.favorite flowerPlaying like a breeze with petals, this game is full of the thrill of easy movement. It is a joy ride without emissions. Besides, it hangs and stays in motion. For example, when you lock the target, the hunter slides over the soil, crouches, and pulls the bow back. This is a rest of calm and withheld power before losing an arrow with a high and light whistle in the air.

Unlike AbzûNo reason to release you into the sea room and smash the fun waves of your expedition with obstacles, you will find both puzzles And The boss here. Sure, the jump from that game to this, which my friend cleverly described as a screensaver, is pretty good. If Giant Squid Studio continues this trend, then MMORPGs may spurt out. The puzzle is peaceful and there are no major challenges. They consist of firing arrows through the flames and igniting them in flight to ignite the torches. Elsewhere, the beaky companion removes the weight and drops it on the pressure pad when instructed. Open the door or raise the platform. Once they are complete, they will be plugged into the top of the tower and the weights will be blown away. Smog to bring your health back to the valley.

But is this really what Nava needs? His style covets calamity: bright, cell shade colors that burn cleanly without contextual enamel. Think about the collapse of coffee color. JourneyThose swaying ruins, Abzû, The golden hieroglyphs sparkle. These places are crafted and defined by falling without touching the dirt of everyday life.s message flower I was confused by the idyllic blissful idea, the fact that the rolling meadows of grass backed by a fake blue sky resemble the default wallpaper of Windows XP in a dismay. The irony of Nava’s game is that it’s most impressive when it’s destroyed. They are furious with the need for tranquility, but the last thing they need is to calm down.

Therefore, the beasts that roam the island, the fallen gods in the shape of animals, drip into the darkness. As you approach, you will encounter red, orange, and purple swollen spheres, with lightning bolts all over the surface, like purulent wounds. It reminds me of a terrible photo of a California wildfire where hills and highways were shining in the light of a smithy. It’s also one of the most beautiful sights in this year’s game. The debt of these encounters is in the Firebird sequence of Disney, especially Fantasia 2000. The passage reminds me of Faust’s Mephistopheles in Murnau when the villain approaches the valley with detailed sparkling healing forest sprites, elk steam, orc time etching, and the intense tension of Stravinsky. He surrounded the town with a dirty spread of his wings. You wanted Sprite to win, and you welcomed the spring explosion.In contrast, creatures Passless You’ve had a good fight, but if you defeat them and the shadows leak, you want them to rage at the dawn of light.

Developer: Giant Squid Studio

the publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Available on: PlayStation 4 [reviewed on], PlayStation 5, PC, iOS

Release date: November 12, 2020

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