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Australia has officially called on who will replace Tim Pain as test captain after a week of uncertainty about its key role.

Pat Cummins will be Australia’s first high-speed bowler more than 60 years before Ray Lindwall was announced today as Australia’s 47th test match skipper.

Cummins was promoted from deputy captain after Tim Payne sensationally resigned as captain when the sexting scandal was released last week.

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Former skipper Steve Smith will be appointed Deputy Captain to complete his redemption story after he has been suspended for a year as a result of the Cape Town ball tampering scandal.

The Daily Telegraph The Cricket Australian Board of Directors met Thursday night to inform Cummins and Smith of the decision after only two interviewed the vacant captain’s position.

The heat was in both Paine and Cricket Australia all week long Wicketkeepers got off all cricket and dropped bombs on Friday morningI doubt the future of his test.

Earlier this week, readers at revealed their voice in a poll. 45% of over 100,000 readers We believe Smith should take the reins compared to the 34 percent who support Cummins.

He had a more relaxed tone on Channel 7 Front barFormer Australian skipper Ricky Ponting has become a man who breaks the tradition in favor of Cummins.

“There is no doubt that Pat Cummins can do that,” he began. “If a fast bowler who has played in Australia in the last 20 years can do that, it’s probably him.

“Some of the things I played … no. Can you imagine Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath thinking about what would happen in the next game? If Glenn McGrath was the captain, he would I would have been bowling on a 45 over straight.

“To be honest about Pat and Captain about this, I think the most important thing about this is that he has grown a lot. How did he deal with Justin Langer before he entered the World Cup? I heard everything was great about what he did. His leadership grew. And if they had the right deputy captain beside him, he was really honest with him when he needed it and he I think someone who can tell him when he needs to bowl and when he needs to stop bowling will be the biggest challenge for him. “

“Outside the window”: Warn makes Smith’s appointment barbaric

Smith’s return to leadership position after his role in the story of ball tampering could be a lightning rod for criticism.

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne blamed the fact that Smith could return to leadership, but after David Warner was made a scapegoat of what happened in South Africa in 2018. , The captain or deputy captain of his country remains suspended.

“We all love Steve Smith and are proud to be the best test hitter in the world again,” Warn said. Written in Herald Sun’s exclusive column.. “But he must not be the deputy captain of Australia.

“Everyone makes a mistake. We know it and we all moved from the sandpaper gate. But it happened under Steve Smith’s captain, he said Allowed to happen on his watch.

“I think the punishment given to him was too severe. That’s what I said at the time. He paid a huge price for his mistakes.

“But his second chance is to play in Australia again, and in my opinion they have announced that the deputy captain will expose the CA to ridicule and criticism, so they should throw the code of conduct out the window. is.”

Spinking added that Warn had “the best cricket brains on the team” and called for Marnus Rabshagne to be appointed deputy captain.

Former captain on thursday Michael Clarke said If Smith is elected to represent Cummins, he will have to avoid appearing to be in control of the team on the field.

“He has to be careful with Smithy, because when Tim Payne took over the captain, he received some criticism of doing it,” Clark said. Big sports breakfast..

“He was waving and standing on a slip and moving the field. If he is a deputy captain or not, he needs to be very careful. There is one captain in the field. There are only people.

“That’s also the purpose of leadership and I own it. In the case of Pat Cummins, he can get advice and guidance, but it’s up to him to make the decision.”

Smith was accused by a former skipper Ian Chapel of “Termites” The pain of 2019 when he seemed to be making field adjustments without talking to the wicket keeper.

Clark added that Smith wouldn’t be able to hide from the spotlight. Wrinkle rubbing controversy last summer.

Smith was accused of “cheating” after shadow-batting at a crease when Australia was in the field before remarking the center during the final test against India in Sydney.

A former Australian skipper was amazed at the reaction and questions about his integrity and admitted that he could hardly sleep after the match.

Clark said the scrutiny would be even worse if he were in a leadership position.

“I don’t think Steve Smith understands how extreme it will be,” Clark said.

“He rubbed the pitch last summer and got a glimpse of it against India when he was called the biggest cheat on the planet. He understands how heavy it will be for him. I do not think.”

Initially published as follows Pat Cummins Appoints Australia’s 47th Test Captain

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Pat Cummins Appointed Deputy Captain of Steve Smith, Captain of Australian Test Cricket, Successor to Tim Paine Pat Cummins Appointed Deputy Captain of Steve Smith, Captain of Australian Test Cricket, Successor to Tim Paine

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