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After receiving great praise for his match at NXT, Pat McAfee tends to be the benchmark for recent celebrity in-ring work. Just like Shaq had Good show last month At AEW Bad bunny Wrestlemania performance Many fans wrote his thoughts on McAfee.

In a series of tweets, McAfee talks about being an outsider in the world of wrestling and how both himself and Bad Bunny worked to keep up with the chances in front of the WWE Universe. Did.

“Thanks for the love from everyone. Many say I’m the best non-wrestler wrestler I’ve ever had, but I’m not,” McAfee wrote. “I’m excited to join the conversation. Hurry up and put on your wrestling hat. I’m crazy about wrestling talking and talking about some of the coolest things I can imagine. It was greater than the persona of life to do. The suspension of disbelief came from seeing people devote themselves to what they were doing. Walking, talking, wrestling, joy, pain, Drama-If sold properly.

“Without buying, it was impossible to believe that everything that was happening was the coolest and most real thing on the planet. Every time an” outsider “came into space, they quickly became most fans. I felt disliked. There are many reasons for hatred. 1. They were potentially taking a place that someone’s favorite full-time wrestler could have. 2. They are doing what every fan wants them to be able to do. Or 3, they felt that outsiders simply used wrestling and downplayed art.

“For me, I was legally thinking about what to do if I could put the opp in that position. Imma is ready. Imma is completely buy-in and imma I will never again Act as if you weren’t allowed to get in there. I bought my ring. For years and years I ran my own rope and bumped into the barn. What’s happening? Nobody understood. It’s hard to explain that I was prepared for a potential opportunity where no one would show up. Then I used my film research throughout my fan days and bought it all the way. It’s time to do it.

“Otherwise, it’s very obvious and hurt the whole damn show. Then I acted as if I was never allowed to do it again. I want to do everything. Let’s go. What I did and what Bad Bunny did was that we were committed to entertainment. We came from outside because we valued and respected our business and ourselves. I didn’t want to be remembered as someone who missed a chance. We wanted to give our fans the opportunity to buy and enjoy it. Bad Bunny killed it, and I then had an absolute hell Enjoyed it.

“Is the Bad Bunny destroyer better than the Adam Cole destroyer? [destroyer]?? Adam Cole is an absolute ass, so I think so, but nonetheless. Anyway, these days I’m kicking out of the destroyer. Go to wrestling. “

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest Defeated Ms. and John Morrison last night Wrestlemania..

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Pat McAfee commented on Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania match Pat McAfee commented on Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania match

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