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WWE SmackDown announcer Pat McAfee visited Twitter after Sunday’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view and responded to fan praise after he and Michael Cole became a trending topic.

“Let’s go home from #HIAC. I took a portrait selfie of SICK. Thank you for all your love for Cole & I here tonight. IWC, of ​​course, my arrival in this world. It was a bit capricious about. I am very grateful for the opportunity to do my own thing at this level. It’s wild for me, “says McAfee.

One fan disagreed with the praise, saying McAfee was the worst commentator in WWE history.

McAfee replied: “I was said to be” great, “so it’s a trend today. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m glad this is REAL Nate. If this was a fake ass Nate, there would never be a disagreement here. However, REAL Nate has stepped up to the bottom. Thank you Cheech “

McAfee also explained the term “piss missile” of the virus that Seth Rollins used when he defeated Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell. There was a place in the Thunderdome crowd kicking the gloves after Cesaro pushed Rollins’ own gloves into his mouth and dried the clothes. McAfee said in a commentary that Cesaro “punted like a piss missile.”

When Twitter fans asked what a “piss missile” was, McAfee replied.

“I saw some reaction to it .. Piss missiles are when you absolutely bomb something .. Punts, home runs, great throws, stuff like that. Cesaro thanks for that. I struck my feelings cleanly, “he wrote.

You can see Pat’s full tweet below:

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Pat McAfee responds to fan feedback Pat McAfee responds to fan feedback

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