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When we’re heading for one of the busiest times of the calendar year for professional wrestling, our eyes are certainly looking at the weekly shows and the quality they offer. The third week of the year was certainly not perfect overall, but some shows struggled, while others really thrived.

There were some great in-ring matches throughout the week, title matches and some great storytelling for the upcoming major shows. But which show was the bunch of choices? Join us to find it disassembled by us!

6. WWE Raw

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With WWE Raw at the bottom for the third straight week, the red brand is really struggling to build an interesting three hours.The show, like the match between Charlotte Flair and Peyton Royce, with Ricochet AJ style, This is natural.

But the show is so inconsistent that even towards the Royal Rumble there isn’t enough quality throughout the night to really captivate people. Mace and Xavier Woods played a pretty sloppy match, but the six-man tag team match was too much for Heart Business to start the match.

Alexa playground didn’t really work Asuka, And didn’t even click on their main event angle. But the worst segment of the night was the dirt sheet, which was ridiculing Drew McIntyre and Goldberg. It was fun to see Gilberg, but it wasn’t interested in the next WWE Championship match and both seemed ridiculous.

5. AEW Dynamite

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This week was offnight for AEW, and this particular episode of AEW Dynamite wasn’t particularly “must-see.” The show had a good element, Taz cut a great promotion and John Moxley definitely played the night game.

However, there were many things that didn’t work. The opening tag team’s match was chaotic and pretty sloppy, and it was an all-night trend. AEW often prefers six-player tags, but non-compliance with the rules makes it difficult to connect matches.

The main event was fun. Seeing the Inner Circle try to prove who was the most fun, it wasn’t a blockbuster match. Meanwhile, Cody’s match with Peter Avalon was too long. Shaq’s storyline continues to be bullied and hasn’t really proved interesting to this point. The show as a whole just lacks the usual buzz.

4. WWE SmackDown

Roman reign

The Blue brand is a much better show than this week and the WWE SmackDown has returned to normal quality. Throughout the show Roman reign And Paul Heyman was terrifying, and the opening promotion from the Universal Championship silenced suspicions about his microphone skills.

The women’s tag team match was a lot of fun. Riot Squad played against the champion until Billie Kay accidentally cost it. Her work continues to be great, and hopefully WWE can keep it going, while obstacle racing has proved to be really interesting.

This was a potentially catastrophic type of segment, but it did a really good job of taking over Bianca Belair, especially when she carried Otis.Plus, watch Kevin Owens get the best Roman reign It’s been great to see the changes, as it hasn’t really happened since the tribal chief returned to WWE.


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WWE NXT UK was a lot of fun this week. WWE’s latest brand continues to provide high quality in-ring action. From the beginning, the standard was set as Rampage Brown, and Dave Mastiff played a very fierce match. There was nothing pretty or technical, but instead it was just a physical struggle and it was a lot of fun to see.

The show also developed well with other stories. Kenny Williams pushes Amir Jordan into a tough match, creating certain possibilities. Meanwhile, seeing Ilya Draganov come back and show off a much more physical and aggressive side of himself, he can now build on this.

The main event was given enough time and it really benefited. Kay Lee Ray played her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Genie and played great matches back and forth with Joseph Conners, eventually reaching the finish.


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The black and gold brands have also been very focused on in-ring products this week. This is mainly because two tournaments were held. Kushida and Leon Ruff played a solid match against The Way, but the Lucha House Party and Imperium also played a really exciting match.

It was a great job for the Lucha House Party to set up a match against Legado Del Fantasma and kept pushing the main roster team. In addition, it was great to see the women’s tournament really exciting, and it was a big surprise that Casey Catanzaro and Cayden Carter passed.

But it was the main event that really stole the show here, and the fight pits are back. This matchtype has been one of the best WWE has created over the years, and Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa were certainly not disappointed by the incredible physical clash.

1. Impact wrestling


When it comes to this week’s best show, Impact Wrestling is undoubtedly the winner. The show included everything from great in-ring work, surprises, and great behind-the-scenes segments to creating a truly fun wrestling night.

The Big Tag Team segment was great, with James Storm returning, surprised Matt Hardy and his private party, and proved that more doors were open between AEW and IMPACT. It was certainly noteworthy, with Tony Khan also appearing in the main event, which was a great match.

The way Taya Valkyrie finished running in IMPACT was great, and in addition to the opening match between Eric Young and Rhino, the post-match beatdown went very well. The show built a women’s tag team division and continued to push other midcard talents, which provided a really interesting show.

6th place = 1 point
5th place = 2 points
4th place = 3 points
3rd place = 4 points
2nd place = 5 points
1st place = 6 points

Results for 2020 (Weekly points will be added to the following):

WWE Raw-3
Impact Wrestling-12
AEW Dynamite-12
WWE SmackDown-11

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Pat Patterson talks about coming out as gay with a new WWE clip Pat Patterson talks about coming out as gay with a new WWE clip

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