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November 30, 2021. A company that analyzes public health data by geographic and social factors has patented a system that identifies potential hotspots for opioid addiction. Patented in Rockville, Maryland Number 11,177,040 The title was “Identifying and Responding to Risks” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on November 16. is a three-year-old company developing analytical models. Health risk calculation It uses data compiled from various open source or public sources to provide detailed geographic identifiers, social, economic, and environment variables. According to the company, the data is highly detailed down to individual regions and provides a detailed analysis that addresses the point-of-care needs of specific industries affected by health factors such as healthcare providers, governments, and commercial airlines. Provide. is its main product GeoHealth platformIs built on a multi-cloud architecture, protected by blockchain, and available via the web, including mobile devices. The platform provides advanced data analysis with artificial intelligence and visualization tools to support individual queries, the company said. GeoHealth data can also be downloaded and analyzed locally instead of via the cloud. According to the company, the company’s services include Covid-19, quarterly Medicare costs, health-related social analysis, health inequality at the community level, poor health or high factors, and other health and hospitalization risks. We provide some indicators as part of our standard package. cost.

Correlate the risk of opioid addiction with social factors

This patent covers a system for editing and analyzing various structured and unstructured geographic, social, and health data to identify risk factors for opioid addiction and overdose. .. The system calculates the risk score for opioid addiction, down to the individual regions that can be summarized on the dashboard and displayed on the map. This data can also correlate the risk of opioid addiction with individual social factors and integrate it into other databases such as electronic health records and emergency response systems. In addition, the system can distinguish between abuse of legally prescribed medicines and abuse of illegal substances, and correlate sources of opioid medication with high-risk communities.

Say “this patent” Ajay Gupta, CEO of Company statement Released through Cision, “Strengthen approaches to identify at-risk populations for early intervention and necessary care or counseling to avoid overdose, victims of addiction, or contribution to diversion. Gupta and its chief medical officer, co-founder Ram Peruvemba, are listed as the inventor of the patent.

According to, the patented technology can be extended to other high-risk health conditions, such as complications from type 2 diabetes, highlighting the social factors that cause diabetes and developing those conditions. Helps to find out who may be. Early detection helps prevent lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of diabetes, as well as costs to yourself and your family.

The company states that it has applied for six other patents that apply its technology to identify more health risks and consequences. These patents address adverse maternal and child health, epidemics of infectious diseases, serious complications and illness deaths, epidemics of illness in confined spaces or communities, and outbreaks of illness, including pandemics. Includes systems for risk of medical equipment and testing needs.

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Patented for opioid risk system using geographic data «Science and Enterprise Patented for opioid risk system using geographic data «Science and Enterprise

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