Path of Exile Live Stream Showcases Path of Exile 2, Ultimatum Extension

Grinding Gear Games on Thursday Road of asylum 2.. The studio also announced a new Ultimatum extension Road of asylum, Scheduled to be released on April 16th.

Grinding Gear Games has organized the live stream into multiple parts, starting with the new one Asylum 2 Road Trailer and expanded gameplay section before jumping into the ultimatum.The studio then hosted a Q & A with Ziggy D — popular Road of asylum YouTuber.

Asylum 2 Road First announced at ExileCon in 2019, Grinding Gear Games founder Chris Wilson started the stream by dealing with the long radio silence from the team. Wilson talked about the scope of the game, the team’s desire to nail new campaigns, and some of the game’s key system overhauls, including skill gems.Wilson said in a question and answer session with Polygon and other media outlets earlier this week. Asylum 2 Road It’s not the middle ground of development, but the studio is in the middle of production.

The trailer introduces some new gameplay clips and locations from the new Vastiri Desert location — the second major location Asylum 2 RoadFirst published at ExileCon 2019, after Ogham Island. After the trailer, Wilson narrated a gameplay showcase. Asylum 2 Road, Set to a completely new location.

See the huge caravan of Path of Exile 2
Image: Grinding Gear Games

The showcase showcased a huge new caravan that shepherds players between several different areas of the Bastiri Desert region and different selected areas. But the showcase star Asylum 2 Road: Spear and crossbow.

Both weapon types have unique skills that are unique to that weapon type. For example, the spear shown in the showcase gave the player a swivel slash ability, causing a storm near the player. When you leave the storm, it explodes in an area. This is facilitated by the release skill, another unique ability of the spear. This allows the player to fly backwards and throw blades at the enemy. Crossbows are also unique and can be changed to different elementals or armor-piercing bolts depending on combat requirements. Wilson told the press that the studio wasn’t sure if older weapon types would see similar unique skills, if any.

The studio also unveiled a new mini boss — a bigger focus Asylum 2 Road — And improved animation of the game. The sequel to the enemy pack also includes a more unique AI that includes a group of monsters that patrol certain areas, such as soldiers.

One of the more interesting aspects of Asylum 2 Road It does not replace the original campaign. Both the original and sequel campaigns will survive within the same game client, allowing players to acquire old characters and accounts (including microtransactions) through new or old stories.For that, both Road of asylum And Asylum 2 Road Converge on the shared endgame after the campaign.And where is it Road of asylum: An ultimatum is included.

later Asylum 2 Road Gameplay showcase Wilson has exchanged for a new expansion and league ultimatum (Road of asylumSeasonal words) I’ll come next week.Wilson also has all the recent and future leagues Asylum 2 Road With that in mind.

Ultimatum provides the player with what it is essentially Want to be a Millionaire? —It’s a style game show, but with a little more death and blood. The player meets the Trial Master (the messenger of chaos) and instructs the Trial Master to take the trial.

The trial will display the reward to the player and ask them to select a difficulty modifier. If they succeed in the trial, the reward is what they take. However, the Trial Master will also offer a second, potentially better, loot if the player decides to continue. If the player decides to push it, the second trial will be even harder than the first trial, and so will the third, fourth and so on.

Players can leave with a reward between these levels, but at some point they lose everything if they die. Players can use items found around the world to trigger these events or sacrifice items to encourage even more powerful drops from the next trial. Trials can also give players unique rewards with interesting effects.

Ultimatum reward option pass for asylum 2

You can continue the ultimatum, but when you die you lose your reward
Image: Grinding Gear Games

The ultimatum trial also works in multiplayer. This is a nice touch. Players can run trials together, one can drop out with a reward and the other can boost luck. For tiebreakers, the game rolls the dice and players can even vote for their preferred difficulty modifier.

Ultimatum also includes improvements in normal quality of life and additions to the game. In this league, Grinding Gear Games has focused on dropping loot and changed what can and cannot be dropped from enemies. Final Act Bosses are now more profitable to spread the word about how players spend their time farming items. League-specific items (meaning players need to perform certain content to get a chance) are now also visible in the general item pool.

Finally, Ultimatum adds some new skills to defeat enemies. Check out the full live stream for a complete breakdown of new skills and an extensive list of reward changes.

Wilson and the team did not provide a release window for Asylum 2 RoadI know it won’t be available by the end of 2021. Road of asylum: Ultimatum will be released on April 16th.

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