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Patrício Freire wants to make history in several mutual promotional battles.

Bellator’s two-weight champion has long been interested in facing the best featherweight and lightweight in the UFC.

It’s increased even more after his old enemy Michael Chandler, who lost in a knockout in 2019, made a powerful debut at the UFC last month.

He doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Chandler, but “Pitbull” wants to make history someday, no matter how unlikely a UFC-Berator crossover is.

“I definitely want to shoot those people, especially those who people say I can’t or will easily be defeated.” Told MMA Junkie.. “In fact, the UFC isn’t the most interested in me. I want to make history. It’s a new sport. Like boxing, champions sometimes fight against each other. , To create a big cross promotion. That’s what MMA lacks right now. I want to be the one who starts it.

“… I have more to add to this sport. I would like to take part in this big move and make this change (and) force the UFC. I have already defeated your future champion. So let’s get everyone together and see who really is the best. Fans will want it. Sports need it. Already, “this promotion or that promotion?” There’s a business side, but people want the best fights to be the best. “

Freire has requested shots for many UFC names in the past, such as Alexander Volkanovski, Conor McGregor, and even Khabib Nurmagomedov. Especially one name is currently interested in him It’s former featherweight champion Max Holloway.

He even wants Hollowway to switch sides and get more rewards at Berator.

“(The future) belongs to God,” Freire added. “Look at what’s next. Max Holloway may get tired of making a penny in the UFC and come to Bellator to make a huge stadium show in Hawaii. UFC (coming) I was able to see the change from the top guys from to Bellator.

“If they don’t think there’s money here, it’s a lie. Bellator will gladly pay those who deserve it. Future reserves: where I am, where I am, and Let’s see what Bellator is willing to do, but don’t worry. I know it will do something good. “

Do you think Freire will fulfill his wishes?

– MMA Sports

Patrício Freire wants a cross-promotional match targeting Max Holloway Patrício Freire wants a cross-promotional match targeting Max Holloway

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