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Long time Bellator MMA Staples Patricky Pitbiret I want to keep the lightweight title in his family.

Former 2nd division champion on Monday Patricio Freire After losing his featherweight title, he announced he had abandoned his lightweight belt. AJ McKee In July. Patricky didn’t want to interfere with the veteran lightweight Patricky title run. He explained that he would not face his brother because of the championship.Berator Head Scott Coker Edition
The vacant £ 155 throne will be available in a rematch with Patricky Peter Quarry In Dublin
Bellator 270
.. Many were surprised by the news, including cokers, fans, the media, and even the Patricio brothers. Patricky told Sherdog on Thursday about this new sudden development.

“My brother told me something about it last week, and I believed I changed his mind and told him not to do so,” Freire explained. “But he told Coker about it, and the next day,
[the] Bellator’s matchmaker, in a group on WhatsApp, writes that my fight will benefit the vacant lightweight titles. I was driving when I saw the message and started crying. “

Immediately after hearing about this new opportunity, Patricky thanked his brother and promised not to disappoint his opponent Quarry’s hometown in November. The “Pitbull” and Queally fought at Bellator 258 in May, but the Brazilians were in short supply due to the doctor’s suspension from the cut made by Queally’s elbow.

“I once had the opportunity to fight for the belt, but that was the last call I faced against Chandler,” said Freire. “I was on vacation [the] It took me 30 days to get back to America, but I ended up losing. This time it’s completely different. I have a complete camp. Losing twice to Queally is a complete disgrace to me and my brother. Belt does not move to Ireland, [it] Just move 500 meters from my brother’s house to my house. “

Patricky also promised to analyze his mistakes and change his strategy in the first fight. Freire was very likely to be on the scorecard at the end of the first round, but suffered enough damage that doctors had to intervene.

“Sparring here at the Pitbull Brothers has a much better wrestling and ground game than Queally. I won the fight. My mistake was to bow my head and he used his elbows. It was allowing me to cut, but that would never happen again, “Freire assured.

When asked what he thinks of the hostile Irish crowd cheering on his rivals Douglas Lima Had when faced Michael Page In London earlier this month, the “pitbull” was irrelevant. It didn’t even phase him out, knowing that the California audience cheered McKee out loud against his brother.

“It’s pretty common for us because I and my brother didn’t have the opportunity to fight at home,” admitted Patricky. “I defeat Queally in front of his noisy audience and later drink their beer. I will introduce the carnival to the Irish people.”

Knowing that McKee has a design that moves up to win the second crown, Patricky welcomes the opportunity to avenge his brother’s defeat if he wins the belt.

“I want to do that, but the reality of weight savings is quite different,” Freire said. “For Bellator [doesn’t] protect [McKee] Throw him at the lion, just as he did when he decided to go up. He will have a hard time getting to the belt. Beside me are at least three men who can beat him in the division.
Adam Picolotti, Sydney Outlaw When Usman Nurmagomedov..And the fact is that AJ is pretty similar
[Alistair] Overeem, a lion while punished, but a kitten when punished. I haven’t seen him grow up in Shark Tank. “

Freire doesn’t want to go any further than himself, hoping for the first featherweight rematch between his brother Patricio and undefeated McKee.

“If Verator denies his revenge on one of the most dominant champions in their history and Patricio faces him ten times, he really believes he will win eight. Patricio I made one mistake that I never made in the first mistake. As far as I know, he trains harder and kicks his ass, “Patricky concludes.


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Patricky “Pitbull” promises to bring his brother’s belt home from Ireland Patricky “Pitbull” promises to bring his brother’s belt home from Ireland

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