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Patrol clocks mammoth mileage as a pilot vehicle

A longtime Nissan Patrol enthusiast from Proserpine, Queensland, Noel Maynard ran over a million kilometers on the 2005 Series IV GU Patrol. Many are used as pilots or escorts for oversized luggage. His patrols are still strong, 16 years later, demonstrating the incredible staying power of the vehicle and Maynard’s adherence to scheduled maintenance intervals.

He says trusting patrols was an easy decision. In particular, it wasn’t the first time I owned a patrol.

“I had a Nissan Patrol before this, and I put 300,000 kilometers on it,” Maynard said.

“You go back to something you know you can trust.”

Maynard purchased a new patrol today in 2005 and by 2013 had traveled approximately 180,000 km.

At that point he began his career as a wide-road pilot and has since driven an additional 850,000 kilometers.

Perhaps suggesting that the manufacturer didn’t anticipate a vehicle that needed a “second stint 24 hours a day,” Maynard said the odometer would return to zero at the specified time. Said he refused.

“It’s like my grandfather’s watch, and the odometer didn’t cost a million dollars,” he said.

“It runs out at 999,999 and doesn’t click.”

Asked for his views on how the patrol achieved this amazing milestone, Maynard regularly goes to Proserpine’s Rod Gritner Nissan service department, whether it’s minor maintenance at home. He said he wouldn’t miss the service, even if it was a typical visit.

Many patrol enthusiasts are not surprised that Maynard’s vehicles have exceeded one million kilometers. This is because the legendary TD42 in-line 6-cylinder intercooler turbo diesel that powers it is widely regarded as the most reliable and durable patrol engine in history.

To be sure, the discontinuation of the engine in 2007 was a sad day for many.

“It’s all about reliable vehicles,” Maynard insisted. “As I’m telling a lot of people right now, if I’m not there, something is wrong and I’d better send a search team.”

When asked if he would consider buying another brand of 4WD, Maynard’s response was quick and concise.

“The Nissan Patrol is that for me,” he said. “I bought a second one so I can take it off the road at some point in the future. I can do the necessary maintenance for the kilometers, not because it broke down.”

For a man who has already seen much of Australia and is more familiar with life on the road than most car drivers, Maynard is as happy as holding a reliable patrol handle and heading for another long distance. I’m affirming that there is nothing. adventure.

“When people ask me if I’m tired of driving, I can honestly say I don’t,” he said. “And that’s all I’ve done for years.

“I would be faster to go out to the road looking through the windshield than to sit in the office looking at the four walls.

“When you do this job, you have to love driving, it’s as easy as that.”

Patrol clocks mammoth mileage as a pilot vehicle Patrol clocks mammoth mileage as a pilot vehicle

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