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After all, Zamite isn’t that bad.

It’s not really hard not to spoil the Monster Hunter movie. After all, there aren’t any fan favorite characters to spoil, and certainly not much story. All you really need is a big monster, a big weapon, a gorgeous landscape, and, of course, a big cat. So it’s nice to see Paul WS Anderson’s Monster Hunter movie finally showing in a new trailer for its release in China. Monster Hunter movie fans in the series may really want to see it.

The mysterious emphasis of the US military seen in the trailer of Sony Pictures’ last Monster Hunter is gone. This seems to largely suggest that everyone involved didn’t even get the most subtle clues about what Monster Hunter really is, and finally like this movie in Capcom’s long-standing franchise. Spin feels like part of the same universe.

There is a vast and fantastic landscape beyond the “brown desert”, and there is a swarm of creatures that shows that Anderson not only skimmed the monster hunter’s box cover, but also did more research. There is also a simple teasing by the Pariso chef. A habitat for natural cooking. There’s even welcome humor to go with all the big weapons and action set pieces that are a prerequisite, especially not in the trailer facing the previous stone.

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Chinese trailer for the Monster Hunter movie.

Overall, after years of suspicious onset photos and pre-release bullying, I think Paul WS Anderson’s Monster Hunter movie is starting to look pretty monster hunter. Indeed, Anderson’s fairly uneven film performance means that there is no guarantee that his Milla Jovovich-starred vehicle will actually be a good movie, let alone a good Monster Hunter movie, Place at least the right piece.

Learn more when the Monster Hunter movie starring Ron Perlman, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, TI Harris and Tony Jaa on Bak will be released in the UK on December 4th.

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