Payday 2: Best Payday 2 Mods

Payday 2 already gives you a lot of room to approach robbery. You can burn a gun or take a more stealth approach by trying to release your score across Washington DC with your cooperating partners.

With the ability to modify the game, Payday 2 can be modified in a variety of ways, from small to large. These mods can improve every aspect of the game, from the UI to the VR experience. So if you’re looking for a bit of robbery and need some guidance on where to start your criminal modding career, check out some of the Payday 2 PC Mods below.

Note: BeardLib and SuperBLT

BeardLib is a collection of files that extends what you can do with Payday 2 mods. This can be an essential component for many mods to work. Thankfully, most mods that need it are documented, but here for safety.

Another requirement for many modifications is BLT, or the newly improved SuperBLT. On your mods journey, you may see many mods that are described as requiring SuperBLT. So if you hit a brick wall during the mod, you’ll need to get a little SuperBLT.


Fixes aren’t just mods, they’re almost an important part of the Payday 2 experience. Fixes many in-game issues such as achievements and save file crashes. It should be compatible with most other mods, so it’s definitely worth including it as one of Payday 2’s best mods.

Better bot

If you’re not playing with a full team of cooperating partners, you may be quite accustomed to their failure. Although they are full of personality, AI partners do not behave like humans. Better Bots fixes it to make it look more human.


If the default UI doesn’t work, Wolf HUD is recommended. It’s one of Payday 2’s best UI Mods. WolfHUD, a collection of several mods that have been modified and added to one package, is fully customizable and the default UI can be significantly tweaked, so it’s worth the time.

Retexture Project – Performance and Quality

Installing custom textures is a common theme when modifying, and Payday 2 is no exception, with mods that can help confuse the look of the game. One of the best is the Re-Texture Project – Performance & Quality mod. This is intended to replace the load of roads, floors and enemy in-game textures to make the game look a bit grainier and more realistic.

Restore Mod

Finally, if you’re playing Payday 2 to death and need something to refresh your game, Restoration Mod is recommended and is arguably one of the best Payday 2 mods available. This complete overhaul brings a wrecking ball to the game’s skill tree, perks decks, weapons, enemies, AI … well, almost everything. Also, new masks, robbers, weapons, time zones, etc. will be added. If you love Payday 2 and need a little more, Restoration Mod is a way to spice up robbery.
You should now be ready to dive into the dark world of Payday 2 mods. Do you have a favorite mod? Let’s go to our forum and start talking.

Payday 2: The Best Payday 2 Mods

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