Payday 3 is still planned for launch in 2023

Starbreeze, the developer of the Payday series, hasn’t felt refreshed for years. In 2019, they faced a serious threat of closing due to financial conditions. Things finally started looking up after the restructuring process and repeated Payday 3’s plans after the publishing deal was completed.

They are now actually contracting with co-publisher Koch Media. They also doubled their plans to launch the next Grand Corp Heist in 2023. It’s not as far as they first said, but it’s certainly not yet.

According to today’s announcement, Star Breeze will continue to be the owner of the Payday series and will continue to lead the development. The details of the deal have not been disclosed, but Star Breeze estimates that the total investment in Payday 3 from development to 18 months after release will be € 50 million. They say Payday 3 will begin development in October 2019 and will enter production this year. Deputy CEO Tobias Sjögren said:

We are pleased to announce this exclusive long-term Payday 3 co-publishing agreement with Koch Media, which shares a passion for the Payday franchise and the “Games as a Service” model. This agreement ensures globality in addition to ensuring continuous development. Release of Payday 3 and marketing activities throughout the game life cycle. We have a strong foundation for the successful launch of Payday3 “.

Starbreeze also plans to support Payday 3 and states that “additional content and features are planned far beyond the original release date.” Payday 2 wasn’t a big surprise as it continued to get new and intense content for years after its launch.

I’m happy to hear that Starbreeze and Payday 3 definitely have a future. Payday 2 is one of the best cooperative games in 2020. “If you’ve never played Payday 2 or its predecessor, you can think of it as perfect planning, stealth, and cloud control,” says RPS. Hive mind. “The reality is a little different, usually: The four are excited to chat and split about how to approach the robber, someone forges it almost instantly, and all police officers around the world Appears. To shoot you all in your head. ”

If they could actually launch Payday 3 by 2023, it would be 10 years after the first launch of Payday 2.

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