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Star Breeze is said to have paid the majority of creditors.

The company behind Payday completed payments in the fourth quarter as part of a plan established by the Stockholm District Court on December 6, 2019.

Star Breeze has been under threat since the disastrous launch of Overkill’s The Walking Dead on Steam. The game failed, causing serious financial problems and a tough exit for boss Bo Anderson. For more information, check out our feature, Star Breeze Autumn.

But after focusing on reorganization, furlough, sale of various publishing rights, and Payday 2, Starbreeze seems to be starting to sort out himself.

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The supplier creditors and small-scale supplier creditors included in the restructuring plan are now being repaid, Starbreeze said. Some of the debt currently owed to financial services company Nordea and the controversial bond-related debt that Italian game company Digital Bros secured when it purchased the assets held by South Korean Crossfire developer Smilegate ( Starbreeze was working on a co-acquisition of Crossfire) to remain (for Smilegate before it collapsed).

Star Breeze has sold its rights to System Shock 3 and 10 Crowns due to the financial crisis. In October 2019, Starbreeze announced that it would release Payday 3 from 2022 to 2023. At the time, the company said it hoped to secure a Payday 3 publisher at some point in 2020 and significantly improve cash flow after 2022. However, so far, no Payday 3 deals have been announced.


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