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PCI Secure SLC Program Expands Vendor Eligibility with Version 1.1

Today, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has released documentation for version 1.1 of the PCI Secure Software Lifecycle (SLC) Standard and its support programs. The PCI Secure SLC standard is one of two standards that are part of the PCI Software Security Framework (SSF). It provides security requirements and assessment procedures for software vendors to integrate into their software development lifecycle and verify that secure lifecycle management practices are in place.

The Version 1.1 update of the PCI Secure SLC Program Guide extends the program’s eligibility across payment software vendors. The revised eligibility includes software vendors who develop software products for the payment card industry. Extensions to this program will allow more vendors to take advantage of Secure SLC certification, making it easier to hire and participate in a wider range of vendors.

PCI Secure SLC Standard v1.1 also supports errata, adds minor descriptions, and adjusts important terms and definitions throughout the standard and program documentation.

Vendors must download the current program documentation and refer to v1.1 in the program guide if they want to use the standard v1.1. The following documentPCISSC document library:

In addition to the updated Secure SLC standards and programs, PCI SSC recently announced the 2021 date for Software Security Framework Evaluator Training. The SSF Evaluator is an independent security organization that is qualified to perform Secure Software Standard, Secure SLC Standard, or both evaluations by PCI SSC.

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SSF Assessor Company qualifications are open to all companies that meet the SSF Assessor Qualification requirements.. This offers new candidates the opportunity to participate in the first PCI SSC program of this type. The program combines a single framework with new methodologies for verifying software security and individual secure software lifecycle certifications for vendors with robust security development techniques. Eligible organizations can apply now to become an SSF evaluation company by visiting the following site:Safe software evaluator Or Safe SLC evaluator Follow the steps outlined in the registration process on the PCI SSC website page.The class is Qualification, information Or Corporate group training..

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Download PCI Secure SLC Standard v1.1

PCI Secure SLC Program Expands Vendor Eligibility with Version 1.1 PCI Secure SLC Program Expands Vendor Eligibility with Version 1.1

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