Peacock Office Season 1-2 Free, Season 3-9 Under Paywall

The office will head to Peacock in 2021, but fans will be able to sample the series in their new home without having to fork a monthly fee. NBCUniversal has revealed that the first two seasons of the hit comedy will be available in Peacock’s free tier. Office seasons 3-9 are limited to Peacock Premium. Peacock Premium costs $ 4.99 per month and is available without ads. $ 9.99 per month. Also, Peacock Premium Exclusive “Super Fan Episodes” is a special expansion cut of various episodes of Seasons 3-9 featuring previously deleted scenes and other new footage.

Everything that comes to NBCUniversal Peacock

Peacock revealed other Office bonus content available when the series hit Peacock on January 1, 2021. Includes Spanish audio and subtitles, as well as various behind-the-scenes features, interviews and bloopers. Peacock also features Jim’s best Dwight pranks, Michael Scott’s words of wisdom, and thematic playlists of episode clips about the most memorable and romantic moments in the series. Fans can also stream special Office Zen channels. This is a continuous stream of office-related ambient noise designed to make working hours a little faster.

Peacock launched in July 2020, but there were no offices remaining on Netflix until the end of 2020, or the 2020 Summer Olympics postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These important omissions are part of why IGN’s David Griffin gave Peacock 6 out of 10 in his review, “if not all of these technical and interface shortcomings. I’m pretty sure most of them will be fixed in future updates, but it’s still disappointing that leading companies like NBCUniversal can’t provide some of the basic features expected of modern streaming platforms at launch. Did.”

To be fair, Peacock wasn’t the only new streaming service that struggled in 2020. Quibi has already shut down completely, and HBO Max has slowed growth in the first year. But the recent news that many of Warner Bros.’s 2021 films will debut at HBO Max and the theater at the same time should boost that particular service. Meanwhile, the surprising move has already angered directors and theater chains, with Christopher Nolan accusing HBO Max of being the “worst streaming service.”In other The Office news, Netflix recently called for episode editing to remove the controversial blackface scene from Season 9’s “Dwight’s Christmas.” Its editing is supported by its author, Greg Daniels, and is expected to be carried over to Peacock’s library.

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