Peacock Set Teen Supernatural Series Main Cast

Peacock placed a series order with Julie Prek more than three months ago. Vampire AcademyAnd now, Streamer has finally announced the main cast of the next teen supernatural drama.After appearing as Milena in Warner Bros. Pictures Mortal Kombat Upon reboot, Sisi Stringer was tapped to lead the project for the role of Rose Hathaway, a vampire-human hybrid trained to become a guardian at St. Vladimir Academy. Joining her is Daniela Nieves (sex appeal), Lissa Dragomir, the protagonist of the vampire royal family.

In addition, Keeron Moore (sex education), Andre de Kim (Degrassi), J. August Reachers (generation), Anita-Joy Uwajeh (West End Sirano de Bergerac and King Leah), Mia McKenna Bruce (Dump ground), Rhian Blundell (Torchwood: Believe), Jonetta Kaiser (Tales) And Andrew Liner (Mature) Is also cast in the series.

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Based on Richel Mead’s best-selling YA supernatural romance novel series, Vampire Academy Julie Plec creates, writes, executives, and is a showrunner and director. Plec is not a stranger to this genre, as she is the mastermind behind CW’s The CW. Vampire diary Series with those two spin-offs original When Legacy..

“In a world of privilege and charm, the friendship of two young women transcends significantly different classes as they complete their education and prepare to enter the royal vampire society,” reads the official overview. “This sexy drama series combines the elegance of aristocratic romance with the supernatural thrill of the vampire genre.”

St. Volodymyr Academy is more than just a boarding school. A hidden place where vampire royalty are educated and half teens train to protect them from the barbaric “Strigoi” vampires who want to destroy them. “

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The description of the character is as follows.

Stringers Rose-A hybrid of vampires and humans known as Dhampir. A fiery, candid Rose is a true fighter, both mentally and practically. She always takes action, and in many cases this has disadvantages. She may be the strongest fighter in her class, but her success depends entirely on her willingness to toe the line toe when it matters.

Nieves’Lissa – A vampire of Royal Moroi. Princess Vasilisa Dragomir, who raised her sister to be a heir apparent, is a laid-back, kind-hearted princess who inertially pursues fun through her studies. Lissa is not interested in the political tactics of the court or the hypocrisy of the Royal Society of Moroi. However, the sudden death of her family pushes Lissa into a role where she is either untrained or emotionally unprepared to handle.

Moore’s Dmitriberikov-Dhampir Guardian Model: Deadly, disciplined, discreet, and complete in his role as the bodyguard of the dominant Moroi, the “good” mortal vampire of his world. I am committed to. He lives according to deep moral norms, but under his stoic and cautious surface, the vastness that can expose the underlying tension between his right sense and his formal duty to Moroi. There is a spirit.

Kim’s Christian Ozera-Royal Moroi Vampire. Intellectual and thoughtful Christians are parishes of schools and courts because of the unforgivable social sins of their parents. Reading carefully and hungry for knowledge, he seeks faith-based answers and discovers the spirit of relatives seeking the truth.

Richards Victor Dashkov – A noble vampire of Moroi with a golden heart, he is acclaimed for his role as a senior Moroi adviser and political strategist. He is a fierce loyalist who uses his intelligence and influence to protect what he values ​​most: the well-being of his husband and two adopted daughters, and the improvement of his Moroi community.

Uwajeh’s Tatiana Vogel – Moroi’s vampire, politically vulnerable, slowly sweeping the court. Motivated by love and justice, Tatiana has the unique skill to make herself look meaningless until she realizes she is always watching.

McKenna Blues Miacap – A student at St. Volodymyr Academy. The right kind of non-royal mia, witty, novel, and ruthless when needed, has a long-term plan to socially climb to the rank of loyalty with all the privileges and freedoms it needs. A plan complicated by her immediate chemistry with her training guardian, Meredith, as Mia struggles to reconcile her charm with Meredith with her low status.

Brandel’s Meredith – An avid observer, wise and ambitious Dhampir makes her a great strategist and a valuable asset. She can hardly stand Rose’s volatility and Mia’s elitism and regularly calls for both.

Kaiser’s Sonia Carp – Quiet, careful, and apparently bizarre, Sonia prefers to sit on the edge of Moroi society and spend time in the library or in her garden, rather than in royal pedigree. Although she doesn’t like the scene, she is quiet yet deeply powerful. She was surprised when a Dhampir Guardian named Mikhail became interested in her. It is a relationship that exposes both the brightest and darkest parts of her mind.

Reiner’s Mason Ashford – A charming, loyal and popular Mason is Rose’s main competitor to becoming the Guardian’s number one during training. Their relationship is casual on her side, but he wants her to eventually see him and see him as something more.

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NS Vampire Academy The series is also co-authored and co-executive producer by Marguerite MacIntyre, a longtime collaborator of Plec, who is also set as a showrunner. It is the production of universal TV.

Executive producers are Emily Camins, Don Murphy, Susan Montford, Deepak Nayer and Gillian Deflation, with direct appearances by Bille Woodruff, Luis Prieto, Jesse Warn, Erica Dunton and Jeff Shots.

Peacock Set Teen Supernatural Series Main Cast

https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1192559-vampire-academy-peacock-sets-main-cast Peacock Set Teen Supernatural Series Main Cast

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