Peloton may release heart rate monitoring armbands for use on bikes

Hidden code in the Peloton iOS app reveals an unreleased wearable device. There are two sizes, including in combination with other Peloton gadgets.

After making a name for himself on a smart treadmill and exercise bike proton Currently, we are aiming to enter the wearable market. Heart rate monitor.. Evidence of the monitor was found in the code of the Peloton iOS app. This suggests that it may not be too far from the release.

Peloton released the first home bicycle in 2014. Since then, it has quickly become one of the biggest names in the fitness niche. Based in New York, the company now offers multiple variations of bikes and treadmills, a mobile app with access to thousands of on-demand workouts, and live classes that can be streamed directly on Peloton Bike and Tread.

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Currently, Peloton seems to be serious about wearable fitness technology.Report from Bloomberg First, he emphasized the code that reveals Peloton’s unpublished heart rate monitor, stating: “The basic contours of the Peloton heart rate band are embedded deep inside the code. Of the company’s iPhone and iPad apps.. Device details and images show that the device is available in small and large sizes and is wirelessly paired with Peloton bikes and treadmills, as well as phones, tablets and TVs running the company’s app. ” In addition, the Peloton heart rate band has been reported to support tracking multiple heart rate intensities by reading the app code. “Track the intensity of your workouts from Zone 1 (minimum effort) to Zone 5 (maximum capacity). The heart rate band goes to sleep when not in use, and updates to the OTA software allow Peloton to patch bugs and add new features remotely.

Why Peloton is apparently interested in wearables

Apple Watch Peloton Bike

It’s important to note that this is not Peloton’s first heart rate monitor. The company already sells chest strap monitors for $ 49, and both Peloton Bike and Tread are compatible with third-party ANT + monitors, allowing users to: Track your heart rate using Fitbits and Apple Watch.. That said, the appeal of Peloton heart rate bands can be quite limited, but Peloton does some things that people buy anyway, specifically detailed heart rate zone tracking and other parts. You may be relying on seamless integration with. Proton ecosystem.

As some readers may recall, this is not Peloton’s first wearable gadget rumored this year. In March of this year, it was revealed that Peloton acquired smartwatch company Atlas. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it’s very likely that Peloton has acquired the company to develop its own branded smartwatch.Between that and the current Peloton heart rate band, it’s clear Peloton has plans to enter the wearable niche In a big sense. The Peloton app for the Apple Watch is great, but if Peloton could let users replace it with their own wearable device, it would connect them deeper into the company’s ecosystem and, as a result, make it harder to leave. ..

However, at this time, it is unknown when Peloton plans to launch a heart rate band. References in the iOS app suggest that Peloton may be preparing to release it fairly quickly, but like everything in the tech field, these plans change at any time. There is a possibility that stay tuned.

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Source: Bloomberg

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Peloton may release heart rate monitoring armbands for use on bikes

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