Penny Worth Season 2 Trailer Not About Batman Yet

Alfred is cool.

Alfred is cool.
image: Epix

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This looks interesting. But also … what is it?I still don’t know if i really follow Logic here.

PennyworthDedicated to the Epix TV series Record life before Alfred Pennyworth became Gentle butler For the Wayne family, it’s back in the second season. In this new trailer, it looks stylish, fun, and absolutely confusing. Watch the young Alfred cool like hell while running through the black market hangouts, drinking hard drinks and stopping the massive neo-fascist revolution in Britain … Batman, as you know. The usual everyday part of the story behind.

To be fair, we know that some more bat stuff will eventually find its way here.We are also getting Baby bats! But in the meantime, we’re also sprinkling some really clean, super-stylish spy action. For good measurements here and there in Wayne. seems to be happy. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Batman. But that’s fine. This is when Alfred shines.

Pennyworth The release date for Season 2 has not yet been finalized.

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