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Pensioners who have paid the TV license twice wait a few months for a refund

Pensioners pressured to pay twice for TV licenses that had to wait months for refunds

Pensioners who are pressured to mistakenly pay their TV license twice are forced to wait months for a refund.

Readers told MoneyMail that they assumed that the £ 157.50 check was lost in the mail after further requests.

However, a letter was sent following a pandemic delay in processing payments at TV Licensing.

Pensioners who were sent further requests for television licenses they had already paid thought their checks were lost in the post.

In August of last year, more than 4.2 million people aged 75 and over obtained free licenses, and so far, about 2.7 million of these households have started paying.

An additional 750,000 people have applied to continue watching TV for free. They are using pension credits and the TV license is still waiting for contact from the rest of the household. By the end of November, TV Licensing had sent 525,223 “Reminder Letters” to people over the age of 75.

Margaret Murahei, 84, sent a check in early October, but four weeks later received another letter requesting payment.

Her bank told her that the check wasn’t deposited, so she canceled it and sent another check that day.

However, when Margaret checked the bank statement, TV Licensing cashed both checks into each other within a week. Pensioners living near Stockport repeatedly tried to call their TV licenses.

She was finally told to get a refund. But she still doesn’t have one after two months. She says: “I’m very tired of the demonic service.”

Dennis Reed of the pensioner campaign group Silver Voices said:

Delivery driver Paul Baker, 67, is also waiting for a refund after paying twice. He posted a check in October, but panicked when he received an email asking for payment.

He called the bank to cancel the check and paid online a few days later. Paul of Calverton, Nottinghamshire said: It shouldn’t take long to resolve. “

According to the TV license, Margaret and Paul will get a refund this week. The average refund processing time is stated to be 20 business days.

A spokeswoman said: “Last year, we were operating with a reduced workforce to ensure staff illness and adherence to strict social distance measurements.”


Pensioners who have paid the TV license twice wait a few months for a refund Pensioners who have paid the TV license twice wait a few months for a refund

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