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People are willing to pay a lot for USB-C iPhone

The rumor factory has been agitated for years Speculation that Apple will abandon its Lightning port Due to the new industry standard USB-C technology, the company has traditionally resisted throwing away its own solution.

However, given that the modified iPhone X with a working (and looks pretty) USB-C port is currently making a fuss on eBay, Apple is wondering how popular this switch is. You should pay attention to. New iPad model.

This list is called “the world’s first USB-C iPhone,” and sellers call their iPhone X prototype “a true collection for Apple fans.” MacRumors). It provides charging and data transfer capacity, but sellers say it probably shouldn’t be used as a daily cell phone.

It is now Up to $ 90,000 on eBay The remaining bid is one week. The winner can also call an engineer, a robotics student named Ken Pillonel, to answer questions.

Earlier this week, Pillonel shared a video of the process. This looks very pretty. You can see it below.

It’s not clear if Apple will make changes to USB-C. It seems to be rumored every year. Whether it’s the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13, it doesn’t seem to happen. It’s already rumored on iPhone 14.

However, Apple is facing pressure from the European Union to adopt this standard to reduce e-waste. The company has already thrown the charging bricks and AirBuds earphones out of the box, but the Lightning standard has withstood.

Do you want Apple to adopt the USB-C standard? Or are you happy with the traditional Lightning cable? Please let us know @trustedreview on Twitter.

People are willing to pay a lot for USB-C iPhone People are willing to pay a lot for USB-C iPhone

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