People think London’s new hills look like Super Mario 64 • .net

Britain is a strange place, and above all London. For example, the City of Westminster has spent £ 2m to commission a new hill (no, I’m serious) near Marble Arch, which opened on Monday.

At a low price of £ 8, those who are too expensive to spend can climb a 25-meter-high building for stunning views of Oxford Street and Hyde Park.

But this waste of taxpayers’ money may be nothing more than making money as a Mario-themed attraction.As Nintendo Life People point out that due to its mysterious similarity, the hills are compared to the battlefields of Super Mario 64 Bomb soldiers. Others have compared it to Minecraft and PlayStation One games.

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Frankly, I think it’s better to play Mario 64 than to pay £ 8 on a grass-topped scaffold. The initial response from the visitor seems to be in agreement. Parents “The Westminster City Council has confirmed that refunds are being made after the project was hit by a” tooth-growing problem. ” As a result, the artist’s impression did not look like a stumbling block, leading to a torrent of ridicule on social media. ”


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