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The first project from Microsoft’s The Initiative.

The legendary Perfect Dark franchise is back.

The first brief explanation of the new incarnation goes through a movie trailer tonight at The Game Awards, showing a futuristic “eco-sci-fi” take and introducing The Initiative, the Microsoft studio behind the project. I was incarnated.

Perfect Dark-Official Announcement Trailer-Game Awards 2020.

Perfect Dark is the first game born of the initiative of Microsoft’s Santa Monica-based studio founded by Crystal Dynamics veteran Darrell Gallagher.

Today’s announcement is almost exactly 15 years after the release of the Xbox 360 release title, Perfect Dark Zero. This is the last brand new entry in the franchise.

The original Perfect Dark was launched on the N64 in 2000, when Rhea was still owned by Nintendo, and was created as the spiritual successor to the legendary GoldenEye 007.

The remaster was released in 2010 and was compiled by Minecraft console developer 4J Studios. Since then, I’ve been waiting for an announcement about the new Perfect Dark.

A mix of first-person shooter and gadget-filled stealth, the series is starring spy / bounty hunter Joanna Dark. I came back again with the first glance tonight.

Tonight, Rhea acknowledged the announcement of the new Perfect Dark and said, “I was very impressed with everything I’ve seen so far.”

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