Perfect Dark restart by initiative will be official in the first teaser trailer

The Initiative, the developer of Xbox Game Studios, has officially announced that it’s actually working on a reboot. Perfect dark We showed off the series and the first trailer of the game.

In an accompanying video interview, various members of the team, including game director Dan Neuberger and lead writer Christine Thompson, show how the game focuses on eco-science fiction ideas and influence the world on a global scale. It seems to have been mitigated by a company with a gloomy agenda that talked about the ecological disaster that gave it.

As Agent Joanna Dark, you’ll investigate these companies, and as design director Drew Murray says, it’s a lot of what the studio calls “spy fighting” over the combat traditionally seen in FPS. Includes. “Play with physicality” of movement, jumping over things and things.

Of course, it’s still very early, so we don’t have a release date or gameplay footage yet, but the studio has built a fair amount of super teams, including the talents of Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog last Perfect dark Games from the team had been rumored for some time, but those rumors became more robust in April when LinkedIn’s Internet Sluice found responsibility for new hires.

Details of the initiative promise Perfect dark Rest assured that in the future we will notify you as soon as we arrive. However, for now, both of the videos below are appetizing.

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