Perhaps I treated you too hard, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Perhaps I treated you too hard, an illustration of an article titled Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution A combination of stealth and adventure, it has been one of my favorite games over the last decade Several Unbelievably Art design..But the sequel Deus Ex: Human Division It was a hit five years later and I only spent a few hours writing it down and before starting my life.

And it wasn’t just me. The public gets the impression that this game is simply forgotten. Jensen’s second outing was considered a disappointing sequel to the more respected original and was completely canceled. No one seems to be talking about it.

I think there was a reason to give up at that time?? I try to dredge some of them down, but in fact I’m not here to get over my mistakes, I’m here today to say sorry.

I only remember the vague outline of indifference. I thought the setup was ridiculous when my role changed from a dubious half-robot corporate guard (very cyberpunk!) To an Interpol cop (thank you). The opening level of the abandoned Dubai resort was sluggish. Prague was the poor city of 17. It seems that he just broke into the bank, left the game and never returned.

But time heals all wounds, and my acquaintance Deus Ex Came at the expense of Cyberpunk 2077, It wasn’t just putting me off with technical issues and dull AI. As someone who wanted to get lost in the world, the vision of a theme park in that genre was the most disappointing to me.I was I’m very excited Then, one afternoon shortly after Christmas, I noticed that I was scrolling through my Steam library looking for something to fill the gap.

If Cyberpunk 2077 I didn’t mean to hurt my cyberpunk itch, and there was something else that criticized it.


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It didn’t take long to land Deus Ex.. I had a persistent feeling that I might not have been given a fair chance for this because I liked the memories of the first game and rescued it immediately, so there was a hole in my heart in the shape of a cyberpunk. So I decided to reinstall it. Since then, I’ve been scraping it in my spare time.

I noticed that there was a problem with the game! Some I knew in 2016, others have appeared (or worsened) since then. I don’t think Adam Jensen looks and sounds like someone who tweeted directly to Elon Musk and dated cryptocurrencies.Conspiracy theories, police atrocities, and media monopoly game casseroles are so inadequate that there are attempts to draw similarities between future augmented humans and those who have reached their limits today. It was bad at that time, And now it’s very bad.

The whole experience, especially the story that holds your international adventure together, felt cobbled together from ad hoc parts and ideas. Human revolution Having such a clear vision, I took a very direct path to get there. Human divisionThere is no such clarity, perhaps due to developmental pressure or because it is the second game of the planned trilogy.

Still, the second time, there is still a lot of lovable things here. There are a lot of things that I missed straight in 2016 and that I simply couldn’t appreciate at the time.As a starting point, I got a PC that can run games in 4K and full settings, so it looks like You look amazing..Certainly for technical reasons, but the art design here is still visible. UnbelievablyEspecially in praiseworthy architecture and police costumes.Even now, five years after its release, it still looks like a game that looks like it’s coming out today. New arrival..


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I did it 180 times in Prague. It is not a clone of City17. Rather, it’s a fantastic depiction of a “realistic” cyberpunk setting, where the 19th and 21st centuries meet, in the game between space-era metal legs and ancient human bones. It is an architectural embodiment of the conflict.

Another thing I appreciate is that Kirk gently criticized Jensen in his first review when he felt overwhelmed, and the only way to play the game non-violently is. It was to do your own restraint. That’s good! I really like the fact that you can sneak up to your heart’s content. And when you’re full, calm the entire level of the bad guys. The best sandbox stealth games should leave such freestyle to me.

Speaking of the best sandbox stealth games My recent obsession with Hitman also enjoyed me Deus Ex’s Secreter than I did first..I remember being very aggressive in myself Human revolution Playthrough, shoot first, then shoot more and ask questions about my shoot. Now in 2021 (disastrously close to the 2029 setting of the game), I’m really digging into the amount of tricks I have at my disposal. Some of them could only be dreamed of by me. HitmanI’m also exploding with something like a balancing act of juggling them at the expense of having to shut down other powers to be able to use Jensen’s new OP powers.

Oh, and also very expensive acronym of the jacket of Jensen Hello, Worn many years ago Death Stranding Got and made things a little clearer..

I haven’t finished the game yet, but I’ve heard from people that it’s not actually finished the end, Was supposed to be the second part of the trilogy, so it may be inconclusive after publisher Square Enix has set unrealistic sales goals for this game and kept the series. .. That’s the worst! This vision of the future, This amazing stealth sandbox is much more valuable and is your chance for Jensen to end his story and play again in his amazing stealth sandbox.

Human revolution It was so good that I decided on this game in the shadows.Strange way cyber punk, I noticed that it’s an almost completely unrelated game, and even a little shade is fine.

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