Pernell Whitaker’s net worth (1964-2019)

What was Pernell Whitaker’s net worth?

Net worth: $ 5 million
birth: January 2, 1964
Died: July 14, 2019
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Professional boxer
Last updated: 2020


Pernell Whitaker was an American professional boxer who competed from 1984 to 2001 and then worked as a boxing trainer.

He is a 4-weight world champion and has won titles in lightweight, lightweight, welterweight and light middleweight.

At the time of his death, Pernell Whitaker’s net worth was estimated at $ 5 million.

early life

Parnell was born on January 2, 1964 in Norfolk, Virginia. He had two brothers, his brother Raymond Jr. and his sister Monique.

Parnell married Robanda Anthony on December 21, 1985, in a boxing ring at the Virginia Beach Pavilion Convention Center. The couple later divorced.


Just in his 11th and 12th professional matches, Whitaker defeated former World Champion Alfredo Rain in 1986, and on March 28, 1987, former WBA and direct super-featherweight and WBC light welterweight. Defeated title holder Roger Mayweather.

In 1988, he challenged Jose Islamires to win the WBC lightweight title in Levallois, France. He suffered his first professional defeat when the judge gave Ramirez a split decision.

Whitaker won the Greg Hogen IBF Lightweight title decision on February 18, 1989 and became the first boxer to knock down Hogen by sending him to Matt in the sixth round.

In 1992 he began to gain weight and won the IBF Light Welterweight title from Colombia’s Puncheur Rafael Pineda on July 18.

In his next battle on March 4, 1995, Whitaker added Julio Cesar Vassquez’s WBA super welterweight title to his collection.

Joining Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Durán, Whitaker has become the fourth fighter in history to win legitimate world titles in four different weight classes.

At the time of his death, Pernell Whitaker’s net worth was estimated at $ 5 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Pernell Whitaker’s career:

  • Fighter of the Year (1989)
  • Ring ranked him as the best active boxer (1993-1997)

Favorite quote from Pernell Whitaker

“That’s the name they gave me when I was about nine. I was just in a boxing ring, wearing” sweet pea “in boxing shoes, and they mistakenly quoted it as” sweet pea. ” I did, but I couldn’t change it from the paperwork, so I think it’s been stuck and I’ve grown up with me ever since I used it, but that was when I was 9 years old started. “ – Pernell Whitaker

“I didn’t have a favorite fighter. I didn’t have anything. Everyone liked Muhammad Ali. So he’s the best fighter ever, but I personally have no fighter to stand out. No. I have my own style. ” – Pernell Whitaker

“I gave 100% every time I stepped into the ring and all the performances I did showed something different, whatever it was, you called me a showboat, Now I’m the best pound for pound. “ – Pernell Whitaker

“All the fights I’ve experienced so far, related to the controversial ones, are controversial. It’s not just couples, fights are fights. I won’t complain about them. I won’t complain about them. I don’t look back. “ – Pernell Whitaker

“Chavez was a great fighter. He was a great fighter. It was great when I competed with him. It was one of my good fights and I’m in line with the other 50. did.” – Pernell Whitaker

Three powerful lessons from Pernell Whitaker

Now you have a complete understanding of Stephen Colbert’s net worth and how he was successful. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful lessons we can learn from him:

1. Don’t stop learning

Mistakes are an important part of the curriculum of life. In short, you grow through what you experience. And today’s fight is preparing for the fight to face in tomorrow’s ring. But that’s not the case if you continue to allow them to be knocked out in Round 1.

2. Focus your attention

You are not your idea. You are not your emotion. You are not the feeling you experience. Only your attention is what you really have control over in your life.

3. Grab the moment

Life is very short. Sadly, tragedy strikes every day. People and pets are always dead. Friends get married, start a family, and buy homes nationwide. It’s all a natural part of the cycle of life and the decline and flow of everything.


Pernell Whitaker was a retired professional boxer and former world champion.

During his amateur days, he fought 214 battles, and he won 201. He is considered one of the best boxers in the world.

At the time of his death, Pernell Whitaker’s net worth was estimated at $ 5 million.

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