Perseverance: Part 2-Violent Psychological Fear-Revealed on PC

Perseverance part: 2 The second episode of the horror / crime thriller visual novel series developed by Titanite Games.The developer was inspired by the following story Zombie night, 28 days later, Blindness, Revival, And walking Dead..

In the game, play as Karen. Karen is a calculated assassin hunting a mysterious girl in the remote town of Grayville. As Karen approaches finding a girl, she sneaks deep into the town’s community and reveals secrets she shouldn’t know. What began as a simple mission to find and retrieve quickly turned into a nightmare, and Karen couldn’t escape.


  • Play at your own pace
  • Immerse yourself in a fascinating story
  • Experience a second installment of a larger plot
  • Choose and create your own version of Karen

The second and second part of graphic novel Perseverance is the story of Karen Stamp. Covered by Femme Fatale’s understated aura, Karen appears in the sleepy town of Grayville on the eve of a disturbing event that could transform the idyllic countryside forever.

Karen, a ruthless agent commissioned by a mysterious organization, confronts the demons of the past, rediscovers the relationship with the former mentor, and solves the failed mission.

Karen’s main motive is to look for the mysterious Jane, who appears to be spreading the mysterious virus. A mysterious scientist appears among the suspects. Bob, the owner of a local gas station, also plays an important role. What will happen to the fate of the character? Will Graville be saved or eradicated?

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Check out the public trailer on your PC Perseverance part: 2 Less than.

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