Persona 5 (PS4 / Vita, 2016) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make.I’m going to steal your heart with some songs from today Persona 5 soundtrack.

I have never played Persona Previous game Persona 5 (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb). This game was highly recommended by my friends, so I tried it on the whim caused by depressed boredom.After all, I didn’t need me Persona-Love your friends to guarantee this game; from the first note of the opening cinematic, I was hooked. check it out:

I’m huge Yuri !!! on ICE Being a fan, it’s catchy and nifty inspiration to see all the protagonists ice skating through the city of Shibuya.Get up, get up, get out thereJust by playing, I was able to get me involved before I got to the gameplay or story. (Ironically Sayo Yamamoto— Who supervised Yuri !!! on ICE— Was also the storyboard director Persona 5Opening cinematic. ) I played first Persona 5 With the 2016 release, the moment I was trying to understand what I wanted to do in my life. I hadn’t started writing professionally yet, and I wasn’t completely confident in my abilities — “You don’t have formal writing credits in your name, and it’s too late to get started — Please give up! “

When I picked it up, I suffered from that melancholy state of mind Persona 5 Then I kicked my emotional teeth with the message, “Get up, get up, get out there.” Perhaps even more exciting are the lyrics that will appear later.

Let’s ring your voice
Free to remove the mask
In the rubble
It doesn’t change if you hold the life

“If you hold your life, it won’t change.” When I first heard the words, my hands were like the aunts at the old Pentecostal Baptist church that my mother took me to. I think I had to raise it and scream. What a fucking and exciting message came to me when I needed to hear it! * Praise your hands *

I chose Persona 5 Highlight not the latest Persona 5 Royal Especially thanks to this opening, it has been changed to something much less (or catchy) inspirational Royal release:

Boo! Thankfully, the difference between the two games goes beyond “get up, get up, go out”. Persona 5 The soundtrack is so good that I’m surprised my colleague didn’t take it second Morning music It is now a normal function.

I like her music, which has a lot of jazz atmosphere. But tHe is the first few hours Persona 5 Lock You who never seem toAt the end of the cycle of going to school and going to sleep (thanks to Morgana, you’re a jerk without joy) I didn’t care I was able to keep listening, so there are too manyUnder the mask.. “

I love all versions of this song.There’s a neat game that takes out the bassline and drums and gives it a light feel that plays when it rains Like raindrops on your face:

Atlus / re uploader (YouTube)

Persona 5Combat and Dungeon Music has some of the best guitar / bass pieces across the soundtrack. “”Days when my mother wasIs my favorite dungeon track. It’s so cold and downtempo that it looks almost out of place in a video game dungeon that crawls with monsters and is a good place to put it on someone’s road trip playlist (same as in my case). “BassThe days when my mother had another versionIs very warm and comfortable, and is perfect considering the relationship between the name of the truck and the character Futaba, who has a mother’s problem.

“”Last surpriseThe song played during all common encounters is another certified triple platform banger that I have clear memories of people. Make funny videos with It uses its iconic lyrics, “You will never see it coming.” And “Oh, it’s time to fight the boss” track “Life changesHas such a funky guitar opening and a killer bassline, and is drawn into the hard-locking guitar riffs of real boss music.Will power.. Here’s a cat that digs into it because you look great:

That’s all for today’s pre-Thanksgiving morning music article. If you were a victim of a phantom thief, what would your treasure be? Or wait, are you really a phantom thief? What is your callsign? Let us know in the comments!

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