Persona 5 Royal removes homophobic scene for western release

Persona 5 Royal Video game developer Atlus has confirmed that the homophobic scene will be removed for the Western release.

Ari Advincula, Atlus Communications Manager, spoke with and explained that the series of scenes involving Ryuji and two gay characters would be modified to no longer show homosexuality in “negative light.”

Advincula continues to talk about localization efforts, including: Persona 5 And Persona 5 Royal..

In fact, check a few lines that the player may not have received, check their feedback, and then [update it] For the current generation. Royal was a chance to get it right.

When I talked to GameSpot, senior project manager of Yu Namba, the two male characters I saw with Ryuji were ” [as]… predatory. “

I think the community responded very strongly to it, and you saw it, and it’s definitely Royal.

As a localization manager, I can’t do much about what’s already built into the game. Our team members felt a bit awkward when working on it.And with Royal, At least with regard to localization, I decided to see if I could do anything about it.

Persona 5 Royal I’m heading to PS4 on March 13th.

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