Persona 5 Scramblers land west in February next year, coming soon

According to the leaked trailer, the acclaimed JRPG Dynasty Warriors-style spin-off Persona 5 Scramblers will be available in the west almost a year after the game’s debut in Japan.

A gameplay trailer posted by developer Atlus and quickly removed reveals that the musou action title will be released on February 23rd. Atlus acknowledged the leak on his Twitter account and website and promised to release more information on December 8th. That day, he said, “Everything will be revealed.”

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch strikers have already been announced, but the trailer also reveals that they will appear on Steam when the game goes on sale. Atlus previously released Persona 4 Golden on Steam earlier this year.

Persona 5 Scramble was released in Japan in early 2020, and the game name was adjusted for release in Europe and the United States. Held six months after the Persona 5 event, the game’s heroes will have to reunite in Tokyo for the summer vacation and regain their identity as a phantom sheave. Now that the English cast is back at the Striker’s, get ready to meet your familiar voice again.

The Strikers appear to retain the same visual flair as the PlayStation Exclusive, which is just one part of a larger and nicer package. In a 10/10 review of Persona 5 Royal, editor Michael Higham said: As one of the best games of our time. “

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