Persona 5 Striker will be Steam’s top seller before launch

Fans of the Persona series are looking forward to the Persona 5 striker, where action-adventure games appear to be packed into Steam’s top-selling list shortly before launch.

The Persona 5 spin-off, which integrates RPG games with the Dynasty Warriors series, reached number 10 on this week’s Steam top-selling charts, just two days before its launch. This isn’t the only fresh entry, but it’s the only new game for making cuts. Battlefield 5 and Grand Theft Auto 5 (the latter is currently on Steam for 6 years) will also be available. This is probably due to the recent Steam Lunar Sale.

Again, the Viking game Walheim stands at the top of the mountain and maintains its number one position. Given that it currently sells 3 million copies and has more than 400,000 simultaneous players, it may not work for a while. The Tale of Immortal remained strong in 2nd place, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remained strong in 4th place, and Rust remained high in 5th place. Nioh 2 fell from 3rd to 6th, and Sea of ​​Thieves actually rose from 8th to 9th.

Diego Arguero enjoys the Persona 5 striker very much in his review, writing: “Despite many changes, the Persona 5 striker retains its original charm. It’s thrilling to hang out with the cast of this character again, and the conversation is foolish with the thoughtful introspection known in the series. Boasts the same familiar blend of conversations. “

The trailer is as follows:

There are no signs of that Persona 5 porting yet, but otherwise there are some of the best anime games out there.

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