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Welcome to another edition of the tactical room we work on PES 2021 Fake winger strategy. This is the second in a series of articles aimed at helping explain some of the complexity of. PES 2021Especially when it comes to tactics. If you are new to PES or sports, here are some tactics:

“With carefully planned actions or strategies to achieve a particular purpose. football environment, tactics It can be described as a way for teams to manage space, time, and individual actions to win the game. “

PES tactics play an important role in implementing specific styles and game plans to get the most out of your players. PES 2021In all of its glory, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to tactics. When to apply them, what to apply, etc. are all the questions you ask yourself during the match. Therefore, we hope that the articles in this series will be useful in terms of the tactical aspects of the game.

In this second article (where you can also find anchors), we’ll work on an advanced procedural menu. For those who don’t know what the advanced steps are, they are a set of preset tactics on the Game Plan screen. These preset tactics help you carry out your strategy in both offense and defense. You can choose from about 15 options, up to 4 at a time (2 for both attack and defense), and you can even map them to the cross key. Activating these in a match is as easy as pressing “L2 + crosshair direction”. That way, you’ll see a small text notification when it’s activated.

Now that the sorting is complete, let’s dive into the falsewinger, which is the focus of this blog.

PES2021 Fake Winger Strategy

what is that?

“A winger who moves away from the traditional wide position and plays more in the center (or a wide midfielder if there is no winger). When a fake winger goes in, the full back on the same side moves to the forward position.”

Fake wing behavior

Advantages of fake winger

The main advantage of deploying a False Swinger strategy is to put a wide range of players in a more central position. The rise of “inside forwards” has exploded as traditional wings (cross-senders) have been increasingly phased out of modern games. Inside forwards are basically not strikers, but players who are accustomed to playing in half space.

When pushed in, the fake wing usually turns upside down (playing with strong inner legs), allowing you to aim for the goal or dribble towards the goal.

Disadvantages of fake winger

The only major drawback of fake winger advanced instructions is that it takes away the breadth of your team. In many football tactics aimed at finding space, crowding the striker with an extra body naturally draws special attention through the defender. You can now use Attack / Attack Fullback to add width at any time (more on this later), but adding Fullback to your attack can allow enemies to exploit the space vacated by Fullback. Due to their sexuality, they may be exposed to counterattacks.

Which formation works well with False Winger?

PES2021 Fake Winger Strategy

In fact, formations that use winger or wide midfielder (4-3-3, 4-4-2, etc.) work well with fake winger. 4-3-3 attacking the full back is when too many players get caught up on the pitch of the midfielder.

It is important to note that different qualities are required when trying 4-4-2 with fake wings. We’ll quickly discuss which type of player works well with the Fall Swinger, but usually you should drop one striker deeper and play the other striker on the shoulder behind the last defender. I recommend it.

What happens when combined with other advanced tactics?

Since you can assign two advanced tactics when attacking, there are several other tactical options that you can combine with them to get the most out of your attack. The obvious combination is to “attack the full back”. This helps provide some of the lost width, but it’s not always necessary if you have an “attacking” fullback anyway. In that case, if you are naturally talented for fullback in the attack, adopting “Hugging the Touchline” ensures that the player (usually fullback) is near the touchline on the other side of the field. Always a fun “switch” (crossing the ball from one side to the other through a cross).

Another interesting combination is “wing rotation”. This is to offer a wide range of options when the centrally located winger has the ball in half space.

in action:

As you can see from this video captured during training mode, when the midfielder receives a pass in the right half space, the right winger moves towards the sideline, picking up what will be the defender and near the right side of Open a space. An 18-yard box used by Kevin De Bruyne running behind. Therefore, if you are using both “fake wing” and “wing rotation”, wing rotation often overrides the fake wing. This means that the winger will be wide unless it is the winger who launched the attack. In that case, the overlapping full back will be the widest player and the closest midfielder will try to escape behind.

Which player (playstyle) works well with False Winger?

There are several playstyles that work well with fake winger. To get started, the “Roaming Frank” player works very well because it naturally cuts inward to find space to receive the ball. Players such as Antoine Griezmann and Leomessi are two of the best “roaming Franks” in PES2021.

High dribble stats and a well-balanced tight possession will help you defeat the Defender in tight spaces, which will help you get inside. This should be done frequently with this tactic. The “Creative Playmaker” also works because it naturally finds the pockets of space needed to make the pass available. If you’re looking for a good runner from the midfield, it’s important to have a “hole player” playing style, as he always hits the box. If you need a goal from the midfield, someone like De Bruyne mentioned above is essential.

Useful tips

False Swinger is one of the advanced instructions I can count on, especially when playing the Master League in a less popular club where there aren’t many playstyle players. I tend to play a lot in the reverse wing because there aren’t many big aerial # 9s to whip the cross. Frequent changes in attack / defense level (up / down cross key) during a match will cause the player to move up / pull back, which can result in a state of “one above the attack default” when chasing a goal. Often. “Fake wing” and “Full back attack” are set. I think it helps you get the number you need for the attack, but be aware that you can easily get caught if you’re not careful.

What was PES 2021’s anchor strategy, or are you not using it much this year?

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