PES 2021 will not get the updated national team team until Euro 2020 reaches the knockout stage • .net

Konami has confirmed that PES2021 will not acquire the updated national team until Euro 2020 reaches the knockout stage.

Data Pack 7.0, released at the end of June next month to coincide with the tournament’s advance to the knockout stage, adds a squad of national teams updated based on the last 26 selected players of each team Increase the size of the from 23 to 26 people.

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Ideally, this update should be published before the tournament begins on June 11, but that wasn’t possible “due to time constraints and actual team submissions,” Konami said. I did.

The national team has not yet announced the final Euro team. England manager Gareth Southgate will announce the Euro 2020 team on Tuesday, May 25th at 1:00 pm. UEFA has confirmed that the team list has been expanded to allow 26 participants.

However, Konami today updated the team kits for Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., updated the appearance of players such as France’s Antoine Griesmann, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Turkey’s Chaglar Soyunchu, and official referee kits. And released Datapack 6.0 to add sleeve badges. ..

Euro 2020 was, of course, scheduled for last summer, but was postponed due to a coronavirus pandemic. This also had a major impact on Konami’s PES program.

You can edit the game at any time if you want to have the right team in place before Konami manages it.


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